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18 Responses

  1. Hello,

    I like this latest episode, As men and women being trained by a good correct moral code is very important for a good stable future. Of course there can be some debate on what/how/when of that training and code. As always the conflict of good and evil, the attempted manipulation for evil purposes allways in play by dark forces.

    Right now much of the world is in a moral war of good vs bad with little good grounding of correct moral codes.

    Like free will, vs being controlled top down for your own good. Of course most times a top down control is not for your own good.

    It may be helpful to list after some thought to name some universal principles of most good moral codes. Something along the lines of the 10 commandments of the bible and the fruits of the spirit. The principle of God given free will that no human can take away that leads toward possible good strong consitutional rights in a society.

    Verses, a code of dictates and control systems “that are for the good of the people” so says the evil , etc.

    Indoctrinated people are brainwashed by a doctrine and often want to restrict freedoms , especially free speech. This shows indroconation going over top of being educated in having a free will education.

    It takes time, but free will people in a society usually dominate over the dictatorship kinds of societies in the world. As God favors free people and then they gain prosperity etc. This is an ongoing hope for human kind.

    Good morals movements are important for the future. Also I think movements for better democracy designs are important as well. The needed new worldwide enlightenment movement.

    Right now , largely a war of various moral movements and who/what is going control the republic in question, etc.

  2. Hello,
    On another subject. It seems whomever is again stopping my posting on the infowars comment section. I don’t know who it can be , i won’t necessarily assume it is the infowars staff etc.

    I figure, with or without my posting the very likely future. That we are going toward a period of time were as everyone, left vs right is fighting of who/what is going to run the next dictatorship republic ongoing . This is in most every republic in the world. Because simply, nice guy populists don’t usually last long as elites put in billions of destabilizing money etc. Hence, the failed design of the republics across the world must be improved to gain semi stable first world society.

    Further, all kinds of elites are in the background trying to build an system of AI with management kind of dictatorship system. At some point during a new created emergency they will simply try to push it in over the republics of today. This plan being pushed by all sides of controlled opposition in secret, etc, likely many dupes being tricked to help this along.

    Alternatively, the nice future will be a new enlightenment of better democracy designs with good morals movements etc. Which few people understand this yet intellectually, but most everyone knows in their gut instinctively. This instinct feeling must must grow.

    So the chaos will rage, and governments will cycle from dictatorship to dictatorship ongoing untill enough people fight and gain good enough morals and government designs. The first nations that move upward will be a light for the world. Those who cannot will stay in the dark.

    Note , with current technology, the current trend will be chaos , and revolutions and wars one after another ongoing. Until the people gain the enlightenment or the rich elites make stable dictatorship systems for awhile.

    But to gain long term stability in dictatorship in the future appears impossible. Why? To make that dictatorship destroys freedom, when freedom is gone that society becomes weaker, and therefore the power base of that elite vanishes. Free, well run nations dominate the world, and so do the elites of those countries etc. So current technology will not let any dictatorship dominate for very long over the free more democratic countries etc. The struggle to use new technology for freedom or for dictatorship is ongoing etc.

  3. Hello,

    Oh, my active mind , so another thought. This morning I had a “takeout” of brown beans that I did not eat yesterday . I put in a skillet to warm up and to my horror see meat in there, most likely pork.

    Do you know China owns many pig farms in the usa? Also they put additives into pig food they put into USA market, but won’t put in for the Chinese market? Yep. So enjoy your pig meat, for those who eat it. .

    We all know they are putting mrna into meat. How much and where I don’t know. Will it kill you dead ? I don’t know?

    Controlled opposition and lies by ommission. A controlled opposition, it’s main job to look good, but achieve little for the people etc.

    Soooo, ever hear that the Meek will inherit the earth? A odd statement, makes absolutely no sense, right? Well,, what or who is more Meek than a hardcore vegetarian? Ha, think on that.

    I am still eating some meat, but getting ready to go vegetarian for the most part.

    Since the in the real republics the rich evil can kill most everyone and never go to jail.

    If mrna in the meat supply, maybe most everyone will be dead in 10 years?

    Soo, you may reconsider the celebration of the lessening of fake meat foods in general,,, maybe want to consider your attitude about it.

    As often, the news about death shots or death foods or meats only come AFTER you have taken it. By the controlled information sources.

    Like most of the news of today, now talking about the death shots only after those who will take them already have taken them.

    Devil=Great deciever

    I suggest considering going vegetarian until what is going on becomes more clear or only eating secure meat. Of course they may also put mrna into other foods later on. Obviously mankind cannot these survive poison foods, so must have a government design that can stop the evil monsters,, or have an extinction event.

  4. Oh, by the way the statement to reconsider your attitude of fake meat sales. I mean by some people , not a particular person or Prather etc. Just a general statement is what I mean.

  5. Looking at Ireland.

    This may crank up fast. Few understand or know enough true history tied into political economy. For instance why did half the world go communist in the last century’s history? Have you thought about it? After that, why did the western republics become semi stable first world after half the world went communist? You know, that cold war thing. Finally, why is the western world ( western republics) falling apart long after winning the cold war?

    So what will happen after this cranks up? Impossible for me to predict exactly, but for some possibilities.

    So look at the speed of free communication of today. Here is a clue. Lets say information travels 10 times faster these times than history and combine that with average human behavior. Lets take that covid scam thingy. The first go around is pretty much it. People have learned, that scam is almost impossible to repeat again. Not so easily anyway.

    The fall of the USSR took 70 years, the next go around may take 10 to 20 years due to 10 times faster travel of information.

    So any failed right wing government, it may struggle to hold it together past a decade or two. Same for any far left dictatorship republics in the future. Make that republic dictatorship or AI/management dictatorship, it will be internally and externally weak, and wont stand up to better run competition etc. Lifespan maybe 10 to 20 years maximum.

    The punch line, with modern communications tech the role over to the next revolution or a war for distraction likely to be quicker than ever in history. So information travels soo fast these times, but wisdom comes as slow (or slower ) than ever. A clue.

    So the cycle of one nasty republic dictatorships or (AI dictatorship) after another likely to happen So, war or revolution, then dead bodies, then exhaustion, then stalemate, then peace deals etc.

    Then the next cycle again, onward. Then hopefully someday enough hard won wisdom is gained so to have good morals movements and better democracy design reform movements. Someplace to start the light for a new enlightenment.

  6. Interesting, on zerohedge an article the BRICS+ nations are trying to brush up their image against the west and capture a kind of new enlightenment movement worldwide. To claim a moral high ground in a way. Ridiculous of course in some ways, but not so much to the countries slapped around by the western globalists etc.

    Of course BRICS+ nations have all forms of republic, mostly dictatorship republics of all flavors. But in geopolitic relationd if they give some freedoms to member states, not offered by the west a good part of the world will run to them. Also BRICS+ may effectively claim enough of a moral high ground of non interference of member countries in internal affairs etc. A large part of the world may fight to get into BRICS+.

    In today’s world of faster than ever communications, being a bit more free and run better in a certain area can make a rapid difference. So the BRICS+ nations may dominate over the west in ways in ten years because the western elites are so bad on every front.

  7. To go a bit farther. As things keep going with the current evil western globalist leadership. This leadership bumbling forward always doubling down on crazy evil. They will attempt new nasty control grids at home. With dictatorships of whatever flavors and new nasty CBDC kind of control grid currency systems etc. While triggering economic collapse and currency crisis ongoing, stealing everything not nailed down in their own controlled countries more and more( as they now cannot steal from BRICS+ nations so much anymore), etc.

    As this goes onward without positive change, a large number of western nations may want into BRICS+ such as France.

    Even USA red states may want into BRICS+ in time and threats may be made.

    A new kind of cold war may form up, that may be helpful for the western republics.

    This is a kind of new cold war forming up that may help save the western republics for awhile . But I would not count on it.

  8. Since I actually do care about my country and people. Imagine that idea with the current leadership of evil globalists??

    I would think about making gold and silver legal tender in my home country. Also to let the free market decide the fate of digital currencies. To put on your big person pants and take personal responsibility when you decide to play with sociopaths and gamble in the casinos of currencies , stocks and bonds etc. As government regulation interference is often not for the good of the people, but for power, profit and control for the rich evil elites. Any nanny state, over a freedom state generally is for rich evil power and control.

    So all should be allowed in a free market system, precious metals, digital currencies and paper currency. To let the free market decide with little restriction. Any government run currency, it is most important to design carefully the control system over it. We in the western republics are not even close to good enough in this design work. Also, what the elites are planning in future currency control is likely to be even worse.

    This will likely end up in total failure and chaos ongoing as evil keeps doubling down on stupid, in the currencies area, etc.

    This will open up a wide door for a new good enlightenment movement in time.

  9. Thinking.

    What is the future in a year, to 5 or 10 years? Of course I don’t know. But there is a trend that seems to be forming up firm.

    The evil elites, every action they do has blowback, strong blowback. Example, every attack on Trump makes him stronger with the common people. Example, every con or lie on the regular news drives more and more people toward alternative media.

    So the evil elites have entered a Doom Loop with no clear exit.

    Yes they control the bought off whore republics of the west, but that control is getting more and more shaky. Every time they double down on their crazy operations, they get more and more blowback .

    So then comes into play the direct democracy power of the common people. They vote with their feet, they vote by running their mouths, they vote by not joining the military, they vote by where they spend their money, they vote by rejecting the evil elites directions. Etc.

    So the future? The evil elites are getting desperate and instinctively will continue to double down on their operations. Result? By internet and cell phone communications information will travel faster than ever, so the real truth gets out. Then blowback increases even more, Doom Loop.

    So must go all in , shut down internet and cell phones, make martial law by a created emergency a false flag or a war, something, etc. Then what?

    Then of course the economy goes into the stone age, the western republics are finished, the power base of the evil western elites is gone. So all the BRICS+ have to do is sit back, hold stable enough and run a decent economy. They just need to be a tiny bit more free and run a bit better to dominate over the dying western republics. They should have their own internet and cell phone networks etc.

    I see a power struggle between insane and semi sane western elites out of this situation. I see a potential cold war of the west vs BRICS+ in the future that may be helpful to the world. I see more insane actions out of the evil elites. That will increase the great awakening among the people as hell and chaos rages. It looks like major economic collapse is in the mix sometime in the future. Likely before 10 years are up.

    The only direction to soothe these crisies that are coming fast, is better morals movements, with better democracy design reform movements worldwide. A new enlightenment.

    Timelines are unknown to me, it largely depends on what everyone does .

  10. It important for society to catch up with the, “Fire people” lifestyle, education can mitigate, but the answer is clear at the moment, the next election must be a Trump vs Kennedy candidacy, it will only buy a small amount of time, the problem lay in common folk taking back their counties, their states, and then on ward to the Capital, it must be an uphill grassroots fight or it just a tyranny of rebranded potato vs patato. Here a basic education: Privacy is just a component of freedom, the other is getting off your ass, meaning start with your own dysfunctions (public at large), the after improving oneself, you can help society from a hard fall vs soft fall.
    Rob Braxman Tech:

  11. My free speech is shut down to a good extent. Soo,, history will repeat with new technology playing its special roll.

    So here it comes, every movement will fail to chaos and hell. Every dirty trick by rich evil will succeed and then fail. Billions to trillions spent for power and control, everything for divide and rule, then dictatorship to death and enslavement…

    The republics of the world will never have much democracy and hell will roll on, right wing or left wing single political party run dictatorships no matter.

    Information moving faster than ever before, shortening time lines, revolutions and wars cycling (one after another) faster than every before in history. For example is the war in Ukraine and Russia. War, dead bodies, exhaustion, stalemate, then peace deals, or frozen conflicts etc. See the quick pivot to Isreal, war with Gaza, but this is a disaster for many elites. So must have another quick pivot toward something else. The elites desperate to have success in a war for distraction or an emergency like some dropped super viruses etc.

    But the people are learning, that their votes are not counted in the whore republics of the world. So to the horror of evil elite’s and even their forces of controlled opposition. The common people are learning ways of direct democracy and want even more powers of real direct democracy. This does not mean more of the often worthless on street protests. By instinct the people are figuring out they must have new means of direct democracy even better. Or be chewed to pieces by AI running cell phone control grids.

    So my writings could speed up the time line toward an exit out of the coming dark age. But nevertheless, the obvious path toward a better future is the same. That is good enough morals movements with good enough democracy design reform movements worldwide.

    Step away from the false prophecies that evil will exploit. Look to the history of the past enlightenment for direction.

    Choose to focus on religious end time stories will only help the evil elites operations etc. Instead focus on working on the needed new enlightenment movement worldwide.

  12. The religious end time stories. Every major church in the world has the evil on top to some extent. The evil elites expend huge efforts to control any major organization’s leadership. This includes all churches.

    They will exploit the beliefs of people every chance they have . The great deceiver will continue all his lies, cons and tricks. Until they won’t work anymore.

    To focus on a new enlightenment movement will help end these devil con games. A shift of thinking happens , enlightenment means a new light for the world.

  13. Ok, a bit farther, how does information traveling faster than ever before shorten timelines of many geopolitical events?

    Mostly, it is simple, the rich evil loses control over the narrative and too many people catch on to what is really going on faster than ever in history. Understand? If people realize nasty reality 10 times faster. Then wars, false flags, created emergencies, etc, they are created or forced to happen around 10 times faster than ever before in history.

    That number 10 times , it is a guess, it may be 5 times faster. Or with sucessful internet crack downs only maybe 2 times faster than in history.

    However, just because information is traveling faster than ever. This does not necessarily mean wisdom is being gained faster. I really don’t see wisedom being gained very well these times . It actually may be slower than in the past due to the short attention spans of today’s population??? I dont know , need some though on this subject.

  14. For a possible example. Take the USSR, it had to fail, just a matter of how long. If information travels 10 times faster, then instead of the collapse of the USSR in 70 years, it may only take 7 years. Got it? The weight of too many people knowing the west being better was too much on the USSR to exist.

    Look to today, the elites evil games are starting to hit a brick wall of public opinion against their LGBTQ and anti CO2 operations etc.

    The direct democracy force of broad public opinion is becoming a unmovable force against the evil elites plans of woke communism with AI(with management), dictatorship operations.

    New technology is making faster timelines, how much faster for me is a guess. But between 10 to 5 times faster seems right.

    So a new enlightenment movement firming up. Maybe in 10 to 20 years ? A guess.

  15. So how long will woke communism/fascism with AI with management dictatorships take to run their courses? Well, it is going to be an ongoing off and on battle.

    But it appears the gig is going to hit a brick wall of public opinion in less than 5 years, look at the popularity of Biden etc. . Then what? The insane elites will be desperate to do something, so watch out, a rough ride until too many dead bodies, exhaustion, then stalemate. Then the the new positive enlightenment may move ahead, hopefully.

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