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12 Responses

  1. >Of course they will mix these intentional chaos makers with legitimate protests against the terrorist state of Israel that has been be engaged in genocide there for 75 years , no one cared , or tried to stop it .SUPPORTED BY U.S Now the supposedly conservative, Christian, world has joined hands with the controlled media cheering for this civilian genocide, along with the likes of TRUMP , LINDSAY, Kushner, and more join hands to make it criminal to even speak out against this. So WE ALL SEE THEIR TRUE COLORS and who controls them all . The same powers that took out the Shah put Ruhollah Khomeini
    in , put in and took out Hussein , and Khadafy . WHY SHOULD AMERICAN TAX PAYERS OR MILITARY support or be involved in any of this evil? We know why it is being done.
    > Supposedly Black Nobility creeps relocating now , abandoning LONDON as their former financial control center . Others as well , look at all the futuristic stuff being built in mid east, thats not for rich tourists, the elite are running for their hideouts now. SK

  2. Thoughts of the day.

    The fake wars vs the real wars. The fake war as cover for the real war. Notice the BRICS+ vs the western republics? Notice Ukraine vs Russia as in a proxy war . Notice Isreal backed by the west vs BRICS+ and most Muslim countries.

    The fake and real wars all mixed in together. In short all of countries are dictatorship republics to various degrees. All have very unpopular dictatorships to various degrees, all have elites desperate to keep power.

    This situation includes most every republic in the world.

    All will act very simular in trying to make CBDC dictatorship republic control grids in the future. All have rigged elections, mostly single political party ran republic rule, all have a top down run central banks, all have top down run secret services, all are cracking down on free speech and civil rights etc. All are actively using war to implement dictatorship laws. Wars that are a mix of contrived wars and semi real wars.

    The red pill, watch for it. Any red pilled group or opposition who is not doing the kind of opposition they are supposed to do will be shut down and disbanded etc. Watch for it, it is likely coming to some very popular resistance groups. Very soon. For instance once the soros anti gaza protesters help get in anti free speech laws, soros funding will dry up. Once any resistance groups really understand what is going on, they likely will be broke up, etc. Look for it.

  3. The big , huge, red pill.

    All is a mix of real resistance vs controlled opposition. To varying degrees, all over the world, rich evil spends billions on it, many will sell their mother’s souls for a dollar. An army of secret service lackeys, kissing devil money.

    The rich evil and controlled republics are all tied together, any spontaneous opposition is likely controlled. As for example the anti Isreal protesters vs anti Palestinian protesters, likely both sides totally controlled and are used for anti freedom laws and destabilization.

    Here is a gigantic red pill, likely the only way out of the coming dark age is an effective new enlightenment movement. Of good morals movements and democracy design reforms. The good morals movements are fairly easy to achieve. The better democracy designs , these will be much harder. Rich evil has certain plans to change government design toward dictatorship, that is certain.

    In basic terms, must have real democracy at some level. Must have good constitutional rights. Must design a government system beyond a fancy constitutional on paper, that single political party ran republic dictatorships totally ignore.

    Given true human nature, must design for real people best we can. That is the huge red pill.

    The rich evil still buy up all levers of power in the whore republics, but the people are in an existential crisis, so must rebel. This with fastest flow of information of today, is driving chaos like never before in history.

    Rich evil is hopping from one desperate action to another in their globalist war against their own people and nations. Chaos.

    I imagine they are getting ready to do even more crazy actions. On the other side of this active war, just know that any traditional republic in design won’t last long in good condition. Too easy to control with fiat or digital currency run from top down, etc.

    The most single important thing needed right now for the human race is a few alternative democracy designs that are better and competing. That is the key out of the coming dark age.

  4. A bit farther.

    A plan , to get out of the coming dark age, it is very similar to what got the world out of the last dark age. It is THE ONLY PLAN to do so in existance that I know.

    The past enlightenment movement, the past renaissance movement, coming out of the printing press giving people more free speech power. Also the ability to spread information out of the control of monarchy and church dictatorship. However., this is key, the printing press was only a tool for the people for freedom, it did not do it alone. Also, key, it took a very long time and the war between evil elites vs people is always ongoing, with ebb and flow.

    The internet and cell phones of today are like the printing press of the past.

    Note, there was a brief respite for many people of the world, mostly in the western republics. That was during cold war era, enabling semi stable first world economy for the people of the western republics. The evil western elites terrified of losing the whole world to a communism out of their control forced them into line. But now, obviously, that is long over. Everything I write is obvious, it only takes knowledge of basic history, political economy and most importantly, no lies being tolerated while thinking.

    So the illusion of the great western republics by their kindly elite’s and superiority of government design etc. That illusion is over, the elites of the west never gave anything out of kindness, only from fear. Got it? Almost no one else will tell you this truth on the net, but me, people cherish their lies,,, until death sometimes.

    So like I said , far as I know, there is only one plan out of the coming dark age. Must make a new good enlightenment movement. Create competing alternative good enough democracy designs. Do reforms of existing republics that are good enough. Have good morals movements, etc. Do these things and when rich evil destabilizes the failed republic dictatorships. The people will fight for alternative democracy designs A, B, or C, etc. Also this situation will create a new cold war situation in a good way. So any left over republics will enjoy this positive outside political force. Got it?

    This is the only plan in existance to get out of the dark age. Also I am the only person promoting it. So, make your choices, but don’t act surprised when the obvious happens.

  5. Even a bit farther.

    I suppose I am the most advanced intellectual in the world in this area, if true that is really pathetic. Anyway, if the above plan fails, and only fails after a 100 years of effort. Another idea is to try to recreate the last cold war situation. Which is not a great option.

    In any case with new technology coming on line, rich evil is planning for total dominance with a massive reduction of population.

    As this gets going , there will be windows of time for victory or defeat. I suggest preparing beforehand, we know that rich evil has vast plans for change of design of government. The good side? Not much it seems???


  6. I feel like I am writing to little children.

    As this goes the rich evil will spend endless money to play one side off the other. They will play the system like a music instrument. They will or try to kill or put in prison many Patriots etc.

    They will use their instruments to bring in dictatorship laws etc. Endless instruments, all of the republic on the payroll, all corporations on the payroll etc. Everything.

    This is the long game, if you read this and stay alive, work on democracy design reforms and alternative democracy designs.

    The need will appear in the future.

    And if your group is too red pilled it may be removed in various ways.

  7. Thought of the day.

    Suggestion, may want to pay more attention to other countries currency problems. Notably Zimbabwe, it has had 6 different currencies since 2009 as I understand it.

    The rich evil in and out of country is actively experimenting on what it can get away with. So understand that situation may be exported to the western republics someday. This experimenting is also going on in several various countries.

    By long experience no one in many countries trust their republics and currencies. Therefore, instead of designing a trustable system of ground up democracy. The elites everywhere are trying a way to trick the people, one scam after another, ongoing. Note , the western intellectuals and talking heads are mum about this situation, why? Why ??

    Once again, this shows a total failure of government design. Understand, this chaos is likely coming to the western republics including the USA someday. The rich evil elites will demand the use of a new CBDC currency that will have no stable value, those who comply may die, those who don’t comply may go to jail or die etc.

    I am writing into a massive intelligence vacuum of the current opposition.

    Zimbabwe of today, is exactly like what the western republics are likely facing in the future. The insane elites cannot control themselves, they will try this, try that, on a population trying to have absolute power, wealth and control, etc.

    The obvious, nothing of the rich elites run republics or other AI dictatorships will work out well. It will be hell and chaos until good enough democracy design reform movements.

    What I write does not exist anywhere else. What I write is over the top obvious, the real resistance will have to understand it someday to get out of the coming dark age.

    Must have independent intellectuals and opposition talking heads working on making better democracy design movements at some level to get out of the dark age.

    Doubt me, look at the never ending failed republics overseas, their currency chaos ongoing to see a likely future for the western republics.

    In time in a failed republic, the government endlessly steals and prints money. The money goes to never ending hyperinflation, this hyperinflation is decoupled from interest rates. Got it? Notice a similar situation forming up in the western republics?

  8. The coming dark age?

    What will it look like? Likely it will look like Zimbabwe worldwide. Notice the attempts to force and/or trick the population to use a currency the elites of a failed republic operate? Notice the chaos, the people there can use USA dollars now. What will they use in the future? What will people of the western republics use in the future, has value that can be traded?

    Chaos will rage like never before in history if it turns bad. Imagine it, one failed republic after another with an endless string of failed currencies.


    You know the answer, until good enough government design reforms.

  9. Thought of the day.

    Common media and thinking are often worthless in understanding repeating history. How/why?

    During before the french revolution did you know the government of France was wildly printing money? That the rich noble aristocracy and church aristocracy had hard assets and were OK. While the serfs starved?

    That form of government was a failure for people and nation in every way. But not a finger lifted by the evil elites to work on good government design reforms at that time. Right?

    Out of the chaos came Nepoloeon. The correct mindset is not that Nepoloeon is bad or evil, to focus on, but inevitably it must happen in the given circumstances.

    Same for today, Trump as the “nice guy populist” won’t last long, he must accommodate(bow down) the rich evil globalists or defeat them in battle(Nepoloeon). Either way the chaos will continue because the design of common republic governance is a failure. The chaos will continue until good enough reforms of government/society, someday, etc.

    Back then it was monarchy/church rule, going toward a constitutional republic. This go around? Well , only time will tell, but I hope for good morals movements and better alternative government designs, better than the failed republics of today.

    So look for chaos and hell, that is represented by a French revolution kind of situation. No good solution from the chaos, then a eventual rise of a Nepoloeon type of dictator. Wars , hell, as rich mafia elites fight each other. After many dead bodies and the exhaustion of war, hopefully then peace deals with better democracy designs will emerge.

    Will history repeat again in this general fashion? I am not certain, but a good chance that it can go in this general way.

    Just remember before the French revolution, it was bad government design, wild printing of money, hyperinflation. The rich evil elites, doing OK , the serfs starving. Massive uprising toward murderous government. Then rise of a Nepoloeon dictatorship who had to fight all the other evil elites. Then eventually an evolution of government design toward something better swept the world. Will this history repeat again in some manner?

  10. Thought of the day.

    It seems I am being held back, can only post soo much.

    Never the less, the truth always gets through, the dinosaur conservatives, those traditional republic supporters are going down with the ship. The gig is up, everyone with a brain can see it.

    The traditional republic is only a place holder, as rich evil experiments on the new forms of dictatorships. This is coming fast, the resistance is mostly worthless in terms of countering with better alternative democracy designs. The need for it , to me is over a 100 years clear looking at failed republics across the world. All are choices, by everyone.

    The freight train of nasty change is coming soon, engineered economic financial collapse going to CBDCs run by dictatorship republics, going toward AI with management dictatorships. Likely first a hybrid, of dictatorship republics run by a single political party, with AI and management in the background. Heck , we are already there partway in many countries.

    The CBDCs will be tied into cell phones, an absolute tracking and control grid. The rich evil will build it, and experiment with it seeing what works. Using the existing republics as a fail safe fall back position, got it?

    The current controlable design of republics have no fear for the elites, hence zero positive political force on the elites. Understand? This is obvious.

    Well meaning resistance talking heads , tell the news , saying “see we got them lying and killing again, here is the evidence”. But so what? All with a brain know the evil, but all levers of power are run by rich evil.

    So here we are, I think we are at the pre enlightenment stage of human mental evolution, at least I hope so. Where as enough people are starting to understand the need for good morals movements and a total shakeup of the design of governments toward something better.

    The rich evil are pushing hard for a worse design of governments, they won’t stop, until stopped.

    Current traditional design of republic against the elites are not good enough. A paper bag against a hurricane.

  11. Further, like I have wrote many times. Should have put in serious effort in better democracy designs over a hundred years ago.

    Still yet crickets today, right?

    Any rich with a brain should be investing into team humanity for better democracy designs. Still nothing, there will be hell to pay for this negligence.

    Few will escape the coming hell, the rich evil hiding overseas and inside bunkers. Their ancient evil instincts will fail them. Very bad choices are being made.


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