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11 Responses

  1. Thought of the day.

    Inflation and hyperinflation in a third world republic.

    There are lies and there are Da#$ lies . One possible lie is to raise interest rates in order to kill inflation. Is this true in a third world republic? I am no expert, as I have limited travel overseas, but I suspect not.

    Why? A third world republic will simply print money to run the government and steal wealth as long as possible. To make the current mafia running the dictatorship rich in escape money, etc. To buy off some of the population and other evil elites long as possible. Low or high interest rates what does that mean in a third world republic, how much lending going on anyway? Open question.

    Right now the USA government is borrowing 1 trillion per 90 days and increasing. Also reverse repo is giving free money to banks and I am sure much more is going on in giving out free money to mafia elites.

    So I suspect that money supply is largely decoupled from interest rates in the USA, just like any other third world republic. Maybe also in other dying western republics??

    I am not a expert in the finance field, so need to check more. But I think I am more right than wrong.

    We are heading toward no real reserve currency in the world for a time. Also to where as most every republic in the world is a third world single political party ran republic dictatorship of some flavor.

    The only way out of a dark age is an effective new enlightenment movement worldwide.

  2. A bit more.

    Imagine enities like big banks and blackrocks getting free money from printing, and using it to buy up bankrupted residential properties and small farms, etc, etc. This will cause massive Stagflation when coupled with higher interest rates.

    I imagine a similar situation during the last great USA depression. The fairy tale is that ww2 got the USA out of the great depression. But in real history wars often bankrupt nations. It is a mixed bag, but the USA being top dog after the war and the cold war situation enabled the USA to become semi stable first world.

    Now,,? We have BRICS+ nations as a outside political force, but not good enough in a correct way.

    Being that the current design of common republics are only a place holder for rich evil. Also no good/strong enough political force emerging yet… it seems we are heading toward a global third world dark age. Until a new good enlightenment movement catches traction.

    Punchline, a good chance higher interest rates will not stop high inflation in a USA becoming a third world kind of republic, etc.

  3. Residential Houses becoming even more expensive, also farm land , bankrupted businesses. All getting more expensive, or holding on high,,, even though no common person can borrow money.

    Own nothing and be happy(miserable).

  4. This civilizational collapse business has me thinking. There must be a group of egghead think tank types ( sort of like an underground supreme court ), that spin doctors these event. BURNED in my mind is little snippets of conversations, but to these types events that don’t go as planned is a, “bump in the road”, and the plan is not useless it reweaved after careful analysis. I think to bring the fight to them so to speak is the figuratively break, “the blob” in a million pieces. If that takes reinventing humanity, by changing oneself must also be contagious to influence others beyond the propaganda agendas. To me the forefathers created a good thing, however I questioning why they ignored the Roman model of splitting the executive into two parts of equal power. The army side, and the administrative side, seperate, but equal. Also meet an intresting woman, she goes around ex colony states trying to fix the broken legal systems. The two of us meet common ground where the judicial should not be political our own Supreme Court is. The court system should mirror a concept of the Jedi knights, whom become keepers of the wisedom, and values of the Republic, add a mob rule Swiss referendum to overrule the state, and I think you may find something worth dying, and fighting for. Sparta was a greater empire than Athens, it just looks like Athens was greater as the people build up society when left alone, from vile forces.

  5. Thought of the day.

    It seems everyone, everything is going toward tribalism. The republics, most all going toward who/what is going to run the next dictatorship republic with AI tools for dictatorship in the background of single political party rule.

    The rich evil likely wants their mafia group to rule by committee using AI and lower management lackeys as a long term goal. In some manner??? In some new design of government dictatorship?

    But the people will fight the elites and each other along the lines of supporting their own tribe and will have warlords of some type, etc, as a general rule.

    As I wrote many times, any president of a real republic of today . Either must accommodate the rich evil or defeat the globalists in warfare and by cunning trickery. I dont know which for Trump as yet, if he gets in again, shall see.

    The general rule for the future in conflict. War, lots of dead bodies, exhaustion, stalemate, frozen conflict then hopefully peace deals. That is if one side is not crushed in defeat.

    To get to the peace deals part, it can take a long time of warfare of globalists vs their own people and nations.

    Myself, I am looking for an emerging good new enlightenment movement. Of good morals movements with better democracy/government design movements. That must come on the other side of this war of people vs evil elites to emerge out of a possible dark age.

    1. The glaringly obvious, any real president in most any real republic of today’s world. Either must accommodate the rich evil or defeat the rich evil elites in some manner.

      The idea of a gentlemanly war of politics and winning a honest election, well that is idiots babbling in most real republics of today.

      So that winning president must be more dictator than statesmen, to hold back the rich evil endless subversion money. Understand? Likely not to be a nice guy, more like Nepoloeon

      So if we ever want real democracy again, at some level, it is going to take more than repeating history. Have to make different moves in some way. Hince i suggest democracy design reform movements and tie that in good morals movements. To explore these options to get out of the coming dark age.

      The time of being slow stupid and staying semi comfortable in the dying western republics is running short.

  6. https://interestofjustice.substack.com/p/ioj-sends-hhs-oga-ultimate-comment/comments

    my comment to their superb lengthy formal comment /complaint

    Thomas Guitarman
    Thomas’s Substack
    2 mins ago

    SUPERB ULTIMATE COMMENT and covers all the bases and important details , but I would say at some point you will likely understand “they dont care” about any of that or our objections. They dont launch a global depopulation agenda, global engineered food famine and poisoning and multiple wars , leaving consideration for our objections , concerns and rights . They are determined to create a post human world, and willing to sacrifice all life forms in the process. Only elimination of them and their agendas will stop this. Why does no one else have the courage to say this ? All efforts need to go to this . Military’s must be the first on board because they have been infiltrated with those dedicated to these agendas and sacrifices.

  7. Thought of the day.

    Reality meets illusion. It seems everyone is under an illusion, it is this kind of dictatorship vs another kind of dictatorship or a fight for a republic, etc.

    But all are the same, all will have a strongman with a backing political party. But further out, to everyone including the conservative constitutionalists. Every real republic in the world, most all will want CBDC tied in tracking and control systems, tied into cell phones, and more, etc. Top down usage of new technology etc. Government redesign by evil elites for AI dictatorships etc

    Right wing, left wing, fascist or communist, capitalist or socialist, whatever, no matter every government will want to use the new technology for power and control. But this will cause economic failure, put people into a never ending existance crisis and that will drive raging chaos.

    The real republics of today are just a place holder for the future for elites. As the rich evil experiment on the creation of dictatorships, they want AI with management etc. Any failure in their plans they will just fall back to the placeholder of todays controlled republics. These experiments are going on now such as in Argentina, and others. Any real opposition talking head will discuss this experimenting that is going on right now across the world.

    I suggest as a counter, to work on good morals movements and any good government design reforms that give people more political power. There will be no exit out of the coming dark age without an effective enlightenment movement.

  8. Why never ending society failure as evil elites create AI dictatorships with absolute control grids?

    Simple, two main reasons, one they must restrict people , end freedoms to hold power, put people into never ending existance crisis that fuels chaos. That drives , wars and revolutions cycling one after another at a greater rate than every before in history. As information exchange is now greater than before in history. So instead of a USSR failing in a 70 years in this future, it may be in 10 to 20 years etc.

    Two, the rich evil, the tyrants, are psychopathic idiots who can’t control themselves. They will, with too much power will absolutely destroy everything, and raise the earth to the ground.

    There is only one way out of the dark age. Good morals in enough people, and government design reforms enabling enough political power for the people, in all sectors.

  9. Further,

    The situation that is forming up is becoming clear and obvious. If there is a civil war of evil elites vs the people of the world. What are the good guys fighting for?

    If it is at best to try to prop back up the old republic design of government, that is going absolutely nowhere good even if sucessful for a short time. So chaos will rage onword.

  10. Facing an impossible evil.

    I ask in a world were as every republic in the world has a top down run central bank. Where as most every smaller country in the world is a third world crap hole, many in never ending failure. They being slapped around by globalists for over a hundred years (or by communists, etc).

    That to anyone honest for at least a hundred years the traditional forms of the republic have been a dismal failure in many ways and instances.

    Now that this situation is coming home to the western republics. Still yet, no resistance anywhere is putting out any kind of effort for government design reforms of the good kind.

    Would any republic lover of any kind would like to face this history in a honest debate, or any communist or fascist would like to debate their past history of failure?

    To the root,,, all of them are run by secret evil rich money pulling the puppet strings, that is what I think.

    I ask if rich evil or top down evil owns every lever of power in every form known republic, no honest person can expect this to turn around without significant changes in government design. Right?

    I am not a great historian, but truly who can debate against this true history?

    Who runs the central bank in every form of republic? Who runs the secret services in every form of republic? Who runs the big news media in every form of republic? Every form republic has a strong history of rigged elections. In every form of republic, vast control is run top down , notably by fiat currency in the western republics.

    Who can debate against these facts? This situation totally unchanged if ever bring back a traditional form of republic. Right?

    Still yet, this situation is pretty much totally overlooked by most every intellectual or opposition talking head in the world for the last 100 years. Not a finger lifted for the most part to work on good democracy design reforms or better ground up democracy designs.

    Well, here we are, if any efforts given , IF given, are frantic ones from far behind.

    Pathetic, what does God of all this?

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