BREAKING: FEMA, Famines & Farmicide!

On today’s show…

  • China mimics Stalin!

  • 250 million from farms to cities!

  • FEMA plans famines!

  • FDC to cut coms!

  • 50K + Charlie-One-Nine KIA!

  • CISA/FBI admit China Cyber sabotage!

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20 Responses

  1. Hi Jeffrey,
    I’m trying to get to your food prep supply but having trouble finding it on line.
    Can you send an on line address that I can get through to the web sight.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Please help the link isn’t working and going directly to the website isn’t working either.

  3. RE: Whatever happened with the Nashville Christmas ATT attack? Whatever happened with the Las Vegas attack?

    Major Prather,
    Thank you for your service.

  4. McAfee just posted a video last week saying he is still alive! He said he has body doubles and one of his doubles was poisoned and survived.

  5. Your opening statements always give me hope. Thank you. I am growing very weary, thank you for the truth.

  6. Thank you for being a Beacon in a shitty world. I’m always amazed how many people don’t know or connect the dots. I stand alone in many places with my information.

  7. Are you selling Ivermectin? Will you ship to Canada? I would like to buy some.

    1. You can get ivermectin at America’s Frontline Doctors. Don’t know if they shop to Canada, but you could ask.

    2. You can get it through most farm and ranch stores as a treatment for livestock. NEVER SAY IT IS FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!!!

  8. Sir, I do Not believe it Unreasonable, Nor without Absolute Necessity and Justification Now, that the Deployment of Men or their Qualified Female Counterparts possessing the Training, Capability, Expertise, Professionalism and Patriot Nationalist Zeal/Fervor/Anger/Revenge etc, to arrange and deploy say 100 of the Top Soldiers, Warriors in Teams specialized in the Craft of Dispatching Traitors, subversives, and Zio-Com-Marxist agitators and Indoctrinators brought to bear on the Many dozen’s of those Most Treasonous, Treacherous and Dangerous to Our Country in a summary and Very brief Going-Away-Party for those whose faces and names We have been subjected to Not Only over the last 18 month’s or so intent on Destroying Our Western Civilization and ALL Our Freedoms, Liberties and Self-Determination with something NEVER before taken to such a Totalitarian Level of a Peace-Time Mass Murder Event still Ongoing but those Mostly of or associated with a Criminal Organization masquerading/pretending to be a American Political Institution calling itself the “Democrat Party Congress” when it has Actually been the “Communist Party U.S.A.” that insist’s on calling America a “Democracy” which it Never was and Hopefully NEVER Will be.
    The Second American Revolution Should have begun by January 1st, 1914 after the Most Treacherous “Act of Treason” was committed by the Most Notorious Traitor in American History, President Woodrow Wilson when he signed, in the middle of the night, the so-called “Federal Reserve Act” on December 23rd, 1913 which was Illegally done as Most of the Congress was Back in their Home States and a few other UnConstitutional actions had been taken then too. I Still Wonder Deeply why this whole Act of Treachery and the 16th Amendment with it was permitted then as it is Still a Open Wound in America’s side ever since…..

  9. Your burning advocacy is appalling !
    You know a great amount and I respect you for that.
    Your burn policy is the same as the bogus ” Environmentalist ?
    I live in forested mountains near Canada and know a great
    Including the historic Indian burning practices.
    I deal more about THIS SUBJECT much more than you.
    So try to keep breathing with smoke so thick you can’t see trees 100′
    away for the smoke for months on end . You may reconsider your statements.
    Mankind was placed here by the Father YHWH to be stewards of the land.
    Proper long term forestry is good stewardship of the land.
    Something you have never done for a living.

  10. Can you give more information on Rhodes? Oathkeepers? Et tu, Brute? I don’t know who to believe. Team America? Oathkeepers?

  11. You and Smokey the Bear are wrong! Fire is a tool of good “stewardship” of our ecosystems, particularly in the long term health of our beleaguered national forests.

    I am a resident of Colorado”s high Country for over 40 years, previous Wildland Firefighter, worked extensively on the ecological restoration following the Hayman fire and MA in the Earth Sciences.

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