On today’s show…

  • Byrde shot Ashley!
  • Viet Nam won all battles, lost war!
  • Team America Task & Purpose!
  • Sunlight versus Shadow Government!
  • Your doorstep is the line in the sand!
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19 Responses

  1. does “jim denby,” san juan river ranch, clown airstrip, mina dc3, mean anything to you?

  2. Hi Mr Prather

    I’m glad to have found your channel.

    I pray for you and other like-minded patriots daily.

    God Bless.

  3. You sir, are an amazing person and Patriot. I watch you as much as I can. Thank you for your honesty on what is going on and why. It’s your life’s experiences that you are passing down to the world. Again, thank you,
    Al veliz
    Retired fire captain
    LAFD/ 33 years.

  4. Hi Jeffrey.
    In education there is a concept known as: knowledge ownership. It refers to the tendency to talk down to others, or to deliver little asides when they ask you questions. I am moved to draw your attention to this in the wake of watching the public outreach program that you posted here. Knowledge ownership is discouraged as an educational technique as it tends to ignite negative emotions. The questioner is left with a stronger impression of being mocked than of the answer that is given. Your work is vital at this time. Your audience will have many grades of ability to concentrate. They are not military. Presently we need many allies of all abilities to implement winning strategies. You know the rest… Thank You

    1. And does education today have anything to do with psychology today and are either valid now or just more tools to undermine and control minds ?

      There is a very big difference between the negatives you are alluding to and REALITY. Jeff is dealing in reality based on his knowledge and understanding of events which is a very clear and deep understanding , not the illusions you seem fine with. You are leaning in this direction as many lazy minded and weaklings have for far too long ! Time to rethink a lot of things.–go-along-to-get-along–false-paradigm.-.html

      Because you cannot fully grasp the depth of the message/info is another matter altogether and shoot the messenger is never a good thing. Most people have had their heads in the sand and need to wake the hell up finally as the time for all the phony niceties is past. We are in a very real war and only TRUTH will save us by our own hand . Jeff is simply calling a spade a spade as many still want to cling to the old false paradigms they were spoon fed their entire lives.

      Jeff is not trying to win friends and influence people by telling them what they want to hear, he is speaking truth to the evil before us !

    2. No time for velvet gloves them days are well gone.
      We are living in a time of “mass genocide”, if ya don’t hear a please and a thank you from someone who greatly cares for ya, get over it!

  5. Invalid Form – reCAPTCHA validation failed

    Tried to join Team America

    I don’t know what to do..

    I am not a robot and your systen is not allowing me
    how am I to know what Invalid Form – reCAPTCHA validation failed means ?

  6. Found myself a copy of The Art of War at a thrift shop, lately. $2:50. Best deal.
    Got interested in getting a copy (have known abut the book for years) after your mention of it.
    I am in Geelong, 45 miles from Melbourne, Australia.
    We are back in lock-down. It is not good, and more to come, I think (know, really!).
    Best regs

  7. Back again, Jeff. What is the show with the Stewart Rhodes Oathkeepers crowd? Rhodes has been accused of being a long-time FBI operative, and the Revolver blog people say that the FBI have infiltrated all oath-keeper-type groups. If that is true, it really sucks. What gives? And is Trump on song, as he needs to get back pretty soon. Best regs Gary

  8. I didn’t hear any about Viet Nam, but that is very interesting topic. As ex-expat in Viet Nam, I feel very sorry how almost all nation still believes in Covid lie, and ready to take any vaxx, not even questioning their own super-corrupt government.
    When they realize what is happening, half of them will already be injected.
    Please elaborate on this if you can. Similar goes for Thais and probably some other southeast asian nations…

  9. No time for velvet gloves them days are well gone.
    We are living in a time of “mass genocide”, if ya don’t hear a please and a thank you from someone who greatly cares for ya, get over it!

  10. I have to disagree with Chalmers.

    Praither speaks to an informed audience. We cannot be talked down to simply because there are any number of podcasts and opinions to draw from and we have the power to go somewhere else for information. For first time listeners it is crucial that Praither repeat his qualifications and his experience over and over. The informed audience gets this.

  11. I’m a Constitutionalist and old school Libertarian. Your 100% correct; “we need to counter the deep state and establish a sunshine government.” I do have one question I need answered and then I can move on. Why did President Trump support and in fact promote the jab? A friend and retired nurse wrote President Trump twice and asked this very question. She has yet to receive an answer. It is genocide; is he just misinformed? I’d welcome your take on this. With great appreciation for your efforts and information,

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