As predicted at AZ AUDIT, BLANTIFA, the FSB-FBI, & DEEP-STATE DOJ are on scene & preparing to instigate another False Flag to save their failing election conspiracy! The military punishes non-vaxers & cops are fired for calling out terrorists. Here’s what to do:

22 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us informed and people need to be aware we are at war. Prayers for you, your family and the military.

  2. So if Blantifa is able to screw up the ballots and then they just say none of the evidence is any good anymore – then what?!? I hope patriots don’t just accept that as defeat.

  3. Ok just a small comment, I am on the metro sexutal coast, and your assessment is off, more people are aware of what is happening here then you realize. Also a not I come up with the idea of everything with a grain of salt, but keeping an open mind (actually event your show to a smaller extent). Also there are places in California where wearing a mask is a joke, as and I look back at people whom try and give me looks, as I think the truth is a difficult thing to hide. I also wrote my congressional rep and wrote the cyper DHS to explain this going to the WH, as you are right I checked it out.

  4. One more comment so I explain to people the news is narration, and to understand MURKY truth one must go down rabbit trails, and keep in mind the trail is either 1. Someone trying to make money 2. Deep state misdirection or 3. Someone trying to get a version of truth out there, so in essence it is a skill in critical thinking and having an open mind, if you lack either an open mind or critical thinking you certainly fall short of simple truth.

    1. Thanks, Fernando. Right Wing Watch is a Marxist front group. Had to delete that one.

    2. Interesting. Jonathan Cahn certainly has unveiled some heartstopping revelations.

  5. On watch here. Sharing with friends.
    I’ve joined Team America (about a week ago, but no response).
    Sending out my own newsletter.
    I’m just trying to spread the word.
    What else to do?

  6. Thanks for the info, both good and bad. Getting into it this way, allows us to see what’s really happening.
    It looks really bad, but I am confident as you said, this will turn around and we will win.
    I am frustrated and angered at all the crap with the election and how the Dem’s are slow walking or dragging their feet or like a stammering 2 year old refusing to obey. However, this is because they are desperate and are imploding it makes them look all the more guilty.
    As the saying goes, give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.

  7. They fight with God, attempting to use false claims, false events, false statements, made up rules and laws, payoffs, nothing of honest of good intent. Fools at best depending on trickery, forced contracts, fear of death, torture and more. While we are impatient and waiting for the right times, seeking spiritual answers and actions to end the enemies violent actions against all people, they make more and more a picture of the truth of what they are doing. They know the time is limited before too many people know and see them so they try to kill off evidence and debts and steal more land before it ends for them. Until they are pushed back, basically like any criminals, dealt with accordingly so the people can get back to their lives, food, and happiness, taking care of what matters not what seems to matter that is wrong like where the next heroin shot is coming from or dose of adrenalin drugs made from people in fear like young children. The choices here are wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. They cannot win, we cannot win but the power of the Great Sprit flowing through us can change it and together God will help to create the win, the blessings and protect life. Pray from deep deep within you, no distractions, from your heart and entire being connect and start listening, stay the path, do not give up ever.

  8. If all Americans understood who these jokers actually were they would start laughing. But the situation is anything but funny. All Americans have been kidnapped and trafficked into foreign jurisdictions, via fraud, non-disclosure and adhesion contracts placed on you when a babe in your cradle! The birth certificate is your proof!
    The Biden administration is a municipal corporation in the business of supplying governmental services owned by the Pope in Rome. We have already told the Pope we will not accept his self proclaimed criminal employee as anyone representing us since we are able to represent ourselves. The ONLY legitimate government in Arizona is The Arizona Assembly. No other authority stands higher within our state. Learn how to free yourself. We’ll show you how.
    We are a lawful people/People, doing no harm to mankind nor nature. We seek to restore our lawful government; of, for, and by the P/people! You are one of the P/people too. This has nothing to do with any political party!

  9. I have been wondering about “reverse transcriptase inhibitors” as treatment for the bad effects of the vaccine. My paranoid brain wonders what is their plan? We know the vaccines will likely make all troops sick and will kill or disable many. But the deep state needs a military unless they plan a chinese invasion? Right? Some other plan? They plan things out at least decades ahead.

    I can imagine at some point an emergence of a magical “new” treatment, ongoing to save the now enslaved troops.

    I personally dont know the right doctors to ask, but these questions need to be asked ahead of the curve.

    1. Dr. Mikovits says the antidote is an old med for sleeping sickness called Suramin. Says the elites know about this so they stay “safe”.

  10. Given the current unlawful, unconstitutional raids conducted by the FBI, I would say your projection of the election audit is ENTIRELY PLAUSIBLE.

  11. Have you ever noticed, for the most part, that ungodly people (think the left, demoncrats, antifa, blm, maxine waters, adam schiff, and their ilk) all of them seem to suffer some type of mental illness. Ultimately, God will not let this stand. In order to reestablish Eden, humanity must go through the fire and prove it worthy. This is Gods creation, we were created in his image!
    Keep the faith. This ends soon.

  12. just an fyi: a few weeks ago i remembered what you say a lot which is ‘don’t fight in the enemy territory’ and I clearly remembered and acted on it, and it helped. (some woman was trying to bully the heck out of me, I walked away, let it go…and was safe!)

  13. In Russia, Soros’ NGOs have to write “Foreign Agent” next to their name. or they will face consequences. I think the same needs to happen in USA and Canada.

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