Spy planes, SIGINT, Stingrays and secret signals swirl around the torch of freedom at the Arizona audit! Here’s who is there and what is really happening!

10 Responses

  1. Thank you for your information.
    I shared all over Telegram.
    This is Patriot Dave I’m still hoping for an interview please.
    Thank you
    God Bless

  2. Another excellent day of info ! Pay attention people and get strong, fit clear minded and well trained out for any event.

    Your mindset and physical capabilities are your greatest assets so protect them and hone them to a sharp edge.

  3. Throughout the Amazon jungle signs as far as they could go or where they thought it effective. It warned that anyone fighting the government would be bombed, burned or poisoned and many fire bombings followed. The people their in their homes, the jungle being their garden and the rivers life say that the troubles started when the Colonists showed up. Today black helicopters photograph the uncontacted ones. These are people who since the colonists showed up went deep away into the jungle and want to be left alone in peace. They too are being systematically killed off. Smart these days they made a map and a 500 page medicine book in their own language since corporations took advantage of medical plants and did nothing for them in return. The plants are basis for patented medicines many being changed from nature and dont work the same. Their map shows the land they have lived on for thousands of years and they are going to stay not matter what. By the 100s villages are being wiped out. Yet another spot needing help and little is possible. The big wipe out of all knowledge except the emporor ( evil negative dark powers) is in full swing and its up to us to stand for all that is right, true and brings life not death.

  4. Outstanding podcast!! I was wondering if you might touch on the Clowns In action incident. I agree with your analysis.
    You really covered a lot of ground. we are in the war that is not yet kinetic. Hope more Patriots wake up.
    I am not confident that the AZ audit will amount to much since the DOJ should have seized teh Dominion machines at the time of controversy. This is why I thnk Trump is the Pied Piper. His DOJ was impotent.
    Let’s hope more and more Patriots in the belly of teh beast keep good records and leak some info that exposes the corruption.

  5. Just to let you know, the map behind you is a location in New Mexico just NW of a town called Trementina. It has a paved airstrip, a couple of large residences, and a vault cut into solid rock in the side of a mesa.

  6. I ordered a ballcap n mug over a month ago n still waiting😩
    Please send.

  7. Jeffrey,
    I am following you on the covert operation to intercept communications at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. I would like to point out that Ray Cammack Shows went paperless with a high tech wireless mesh technology using HotPort™ 7000 Wireless Mesh Nodes by Firetide. This is a mobile platform that is quickly deployable providing a complete secure communications network within a limited area. It connects with the police department.

    As an intelligence officer, I am sure you appreciate the value in being exact in syntax and terminology. The symbol you show as the basis for this podcast is not the symbol for the church of scientology. It is the symbol of the Church of Spiritual Technology, also an L Ron Hubbard entity. Also, it is not located in Nevada. The headquarters is located in Twin Peaks, California with a repository in Trementina, New Mexico where your google earth picture is taken-also not Nevada. It is a bit of a stretch to suggest the Ray Cammack Shows (RCS) logo in a diamond placed at the spoke of a ferris wheel is a direct connection to scientology. Ray Cammack has been using that logo since 1963 when Dianetics was just a hopeful dream to L Ron Hubbard. Could RCS, the church of scientology and the CIA be in bed together at the Coliseum? It’s possible, but I would rather concentrate on Firetide and the CIA.

  8. The Sheriffs Dept and or Phoenix Police hover over the Patriots at Protests in Chandler/Phoenix area (Maricopa County) during the weekly protests of the housing of illegals in hotels at taxpayer expense. They have sheriffs protecting the leftists who harass the Patriots. They(Sheriffs and Phoenix police) allow BLM to get within inches and assault elderly patriot protestors. The weekly protests are not made public. Fox 10 in Phoenix and most of the local news issues propaganda and censors the right view.

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