Today on The Prather Point:

  • Ukraine: 5 Gen Bio War Lab!
  • Zelensky to pope not patriarch!
  • CIA backs real Ukraine N@zis
  • …while FBI frames US vets as same!


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5 Responses

  1. Improved openings for sure. Great analogies of what is really taking place, how and why. Yes this is going to go kinetic and I have long told people for some years now to get fit, strong, very heathy and well trained out and capable to fight back when necessary. Most have not listened and still sitting on the couch gettting fatter and dumber, sorry to say. Even many recent vets are more or less clueless to what is really taking place. Yes very disappointing for sure. As well Mike Adams update today put out some false news about Russian soldiers starving and freezing which is not accurate at all. Many of his sources are worthless many times as well many false and misleading perspectives. So also very disappointing on many levels lately.

    Yep, Putin will expose far more to come and he will have all the receipts ! So this is all about CIA and deep state propaganda via PRAVDA/MSM against Putin now, not Trump !

    No doubt the religious boxes are also part of the problem of Americans dumbing down in the last 40 years of indoctrination here in USA. I could not agree more, religion is not any part of God and yes there is a very real God ! Just that few realize who or what that God actually is.
    So the Pope is fine with Zelenskys high heels and junk ? Kinda tells you all you need to know.

    Clearly the deep staters are now trying to create new false narratives. To be used as tools, to install martial law here in USA very soon. Putin is the new monster and he is getting the same exact treatment as DJT did, fake hate created and false narratives on the new monster, Putin. Martial law will give them TOTAL control and a bogus reason to sieze all firearms. It is coming and most are missing this point.

    Thanx for your clarity Jeff excellent analysis and assessments

  2. No question Russia has all the receipts and it all goes back thru th Bidens in the last few years although earlier it was all started and pushed by BHO and crew along with Brennan, their henchman. Did Soros undermine our entire legal sysetm with corrupted DAs and prosecutors and does that prove what the Russians ar sying about who all the players are involved in undermoning USA for the ast 10 years at least ? NOw it all gope bck drectly to out own Pentagon who coerced all to take the jab lik weakling fools .

    This is gonna get very ugly very soon as Russia can take down aircraft easily and render most military equipment useless via electonic means as well do the same to aircraft carriers and any other ships. Or just sink them as well with supersonics US has no defense for. US is just seeking events created so they can call a national emeregncy and install martial law. That is their real goal and always has been as well as cover up their own crimes via the Pentagon and the others mentioned.

  3. I have just posted this video to Cairns New, which is an Aussie online publication, telling people that Jeffrey’s first words should scare the hell out of Aussies, when they hear those words: Australia is now Auschwitz…”
    I am 45 miles from Melbourne, and the heat is just getting turned up and up, my whole town-and I think the stats are correct-is vaccinated (I am not, and will get heat soon) so I will be at the centre of the coming zombie apocalypse.
    I have long thought that Australia is just a giant prison barge-and it is, in many ways, such as housing affordability, especially, employment, and survival in business.
    One Aussie guy said, in a video he did, that Australians are the most dumbed-down people in the world, and I have to agree.
    And it is easy to work out, because they have been wearing masks all the way through the last two years, even when, as Jeff pointed out one time, when they are in the middle of the woods, all alone, wearing a mask. Sheesh!
    I think this place is done for, unless a miracle happens, somehow.
    The video that guy made is called Australia- The Head of the Snake. See if you can find it?

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