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  • Blackrock: Putin Ends Globalization!
  • Putin breaks $US!
  • CIA to Scalia Biden?
  • FBI Arrests Chinese-US Spies!


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6 Responses

  1. Not buying any of the white hats junk or Mikes naive stuff. Surprised you are ?

    Mikes take on Ukraine is way off base and there are no Russians freezing and starving to death as he recently inferred. ? Mike also suggested Russia is failing in Ukraine as well. So if he is so wrong on Ukraine why is he correct on the white hat thing that has been shown to be bogus how many times ?

    Recently you said MIke and Ann do not understand what is going on and I agree.

    The insane printng is just stight up theft to keep the lies alive by buying people. That has been ongoing for over 2 years now and even DJT did the same thing or went along with it !

    1. Mike and Ann are friends and patriots, with whom I rarely talk and almost have time to input their content, but add my insight to clarify based on my experience. In this cast showed rinos, feebs and IC doing an about face on PRC.

      1. I have been a big supporter of Mike Adams but he makes a lot of serious mistakes in judgment same as Ann ? Becauss they are your friends is blinding you good judgment in some ways. As I said I am disappointed in all of you for valid reasons. I am simpy saying what I know is true and valid.

        In the alst few months Mike has gone AWOL in some wayas and shows very little common since, but a very good marketer a usual. You are blinded in some ways by wuat you call friendship or something like that ? I am disappointed on your perspectives in same ways.

        We shall see what is real and what is the illusion as always .

  2. I’d say China noticed that we’re spending less money on their goods and more on food and gas. Maybe startled them a bit? They may not be as bright as we think. We knew, all along something this simple as it doesn’t take much math to figure out there’s not going to be any money left in our family budgets for “Chyyyna”. Like Trump said, a high tide lifts all boats”. The Dems have had myopia, focused on punishing and murdering, too short sighted to see the forest for the trees. The DS simply chases their own tail, tripping over their lies and deceipt.

  3. On one hand I understand JPs position on it being difficult to hold onto control of America under and intentionally instigated martial law, by whatever means, if your considering conventional weapons and 3rd generation kinetic war. But when considering DEW s [like may recent fires and earthquakes] geoengineered weather weaponry, 5g , mind control, bio warfare, and space based surveillance ,and the already certain die-off of critical human infrastructure from the death shots and such , then I wonder if its not already a day late , and a dollar short .

  4. Senator Pan (1st gen Chinese American, but I suspect he is more Chinese than American) has moved forward SB-1479 past his health committee, Winer is also a snake in the political den of vipers, So this is the front line in 5th generation, and you know what is the antidote, is transparency, as this pushes along more it will gain more attention, and dispel the 5th generational mist, the pearl harbor has happened, but because it was figuratively done, a precursor pearl harbor I suspect, it taking the giant longer to wake, this, and I suspect the plan was also to debilitate the American Giant and cut him down a bit to size before a real pearl harbor type event. Yes it still a mess, but the Giant is waking, what kind of Giant will that be when he finally stands up is the question?????

    Some times it behind the lines, some times it the front lines, all I know is I never really learned pick and choose my battles, I just battle til the fight is done.

    Honorable Representatives:

    I am writing today to voice concern on this draconian legislation drafted that in the shortest words shall be labeled, “UnAmerican”. Bullet points to follow:

    * The United States is currently in a 5th Generational war with China

    * The main threat to the American lifestyle, freedoms, and dreams is China

    *Legislation such as this has roots from China that go deep back to the US and certain high powered individuals

    *Please consider ALL ramifications of passing a FEAR based virus that is now endemic, but labs across the world continue to dabble in both research lines, and black ops lines.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Anthony Caporale

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