On today’s show…

  • Cops arrest reveal FBI pedo cult!

  • Senate admits neuro weapons’ & wounds!

  • Press, Harris, MSNBC prompt Joe on Florida!

  • Bombing Syria Buildings!

  • AZ Audit soars!

  • Team America deployed!

20 Responses

  1. I trust you have tight physical and legal security. Taking on the FBI is huge. Leading by example. Salutations from Australia.

  2. Thank you Jeffrey for all that you do to raise awareness and to keep Team America informed, specifically with respect to anomalies related to recent Miami building collapse. It now appears to be standard practice to let anyone into a crime seen, even foreign military powers. IDF is reported to be camping out at the site! All US building collapses should be considered a crime scene and protected as such. We have stringent codes and compliance requirements. Yes defects occur and sometimes persist due to budgeting as seems to be the case here. But complete collapse was quite rare before September 2001.

  3. There has been 1 thing people can not fake no matter how hard they try. That is the life leaving the human body. You can see it in the eyes. It is horrible to watch and KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SEEING. Very sad.

  4. As a former FBI agent…when would you classify the current FBI as an Anti-American Terrorist Organization?–Seems once we view the FBI this way, events seem to make more sense.

  5. Does “make a wish” or any of these other fools realize there is no “vaccine” and what they are calling a vaccine is not a vaccine? So why are they calling it one when it is not? Why are they lying? REPORT THAT

  6. Mr. Prather, I highly respect you. The words of wisdom you gave at the beginning and end of today’s broadcast struck a chord with me. I’ll especially remember “Plans are useless, planning is invaluable!” Amen! I’m a 2-yr veteran and electrical engineer and patriot. I’ve been privileged to work with a couple others on election investigation, but it comes and goes. If you know someone who wants a loyal assistant in an investigation, consider putting us into touch. You’ll see some of my views on Facebook where I decline to be intimidated.
    I greatly respect you and what you are doing. There’s no replacement for you, so please continue, sir!

  7. Trying to find my way to team America. I live in Northern California and Sonoma County. I would love to get some direction on how to contact someone who is facilitating or what the steps are to help facilitate. Thank you

  8. where can I find closed captions of your show? I watched the one last week of the black ops.
    You might want to consider highlighting the men in black entering the building. It took me about four days to notice them.

  9. Time to take action as a loyal Patriot and Veteran.
    Our great God based country will not be defeated !
    Stand Strong. Semper Fi.

  10. Jeff, thanks for the information. Good stuff, This info is necessary need-to-know. Keep up the excellent work and watch out for radicals who may penetrate Team America. We never receive info like this from the MSM.

    It, great to be on your team.

    Hope to see you soon.

  11. Andrew Torba at Gab deserves a mention, he is continually overlooked by conservatives. He is a devout Christian and is someone fighting for conservative values. If you know about Mike Adams, then you must know about Gab. Unfair on your part.

  12. Aliens extraterrestrial are not multi-dimensional beings. They exist in the 3D. Our life force is quantum and belongs to the 4D. I enjoy your book on “Initiation”. It was bizarre for me to hear about the “Jesus” reference from your teacher ‘Philip’. Was he instructed by missionaries previous? Native Americans didn’t share the same concept until indoctrinated by christianity. Myself has connection to our native past. While only being around 1/16 Cherokee I feel an understanding of the old ways with a balance of center with nature. Thank you for your dedication and service.

  13. Great show today! Very interested in the FL bldg collapse. The minute I saw it Knew it was detonated just as 911 and bldg 7

  14. What are your thoughts about “some families” requesting Israel to send a team to help with the search and rescue in Florida? Gov. DeSantis posted about it on his Facebook page. And then within the next few days, the new President of Israel visiting Biden? Something strikes me as odd about it. I can’t put my finger on it and I haven’t heard anyone besides Gov. DeSantis comment on it.

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