On today’s show…

  • Pedo Joe pimps and mercs  border kids!

  • Trump targets Texas and Guatemala!

  • Joe met with FEMA and Dem Miami Mayor Before!

  • FEMA/DHS control to cover up!

  • China bioweapons & BLM Race Target!

22 Responses

  1. As I understand it, your strategy is to awaken the population to the dire situation that Western Civilization is in grave danger of crumbling from within and invasion from without. Then it’s up to the awakened to formulate strategies to combat the aggressors. I salute your efforts. Today’s intel was thoroughly grim. Although not often moved to prayer, I am now.

    1. Not grim at all just very realistic, very big difference as Jeff calls a spade a spade just a I do on many matters.

      Most Americans are very slow thinkers and still in their trance from their 40 years of conditioning to never question authority and never fight back in any way as well the ongoing emasculation of males in the same time period. As well all we are seeing are the many illusions collapsing most people thought were real like the FBI and SCOTUS and they never were real in the last 30 years, just illusions created to control YOU ! Nearly everything most people thought was real is not, like your HC system, Fauci, Microsoft, Google and of course your entire government bureaucracy that is totally out of control.

      Hopefully enough people will actually wake up to it all and stop feeding the beast they are so fearful of !

  2. War Drums: Japan warns US of surprise Pearl Harbor like attack on Hawaii from Russia & China

  3. The two party system has failed America, there has to be another party from the people, not the establishment. How can that be achieved?

  4. Why is Trump SILENT about the status of HIS 1/06 followers languishing in DC jails? It does no credit to him to be passive here.

  5. I met you in Tulsa, I watch you and Thank You for All your services past and present!!! Praying For All Patriots! Holding up Our American Flag Proudly IN SOUTH ILLINOIS! #FIREPRITZKER

  6. My intel tells me we have well dressed Chinese nationals appearing on Flash Bang’s railroad in the middle of the night with their wives who also know along with their innocent children in tow, they are calling facilitators and these CCP scum bags are team building everywhere in America.
    I have experienced it in Laurel DE. WHY? My hypothesis is that they are depositing COVID variants in towns and cities to spread their mutating viruses to hurt everyone who has had a vaccine that is now immune to the variants and will die if Big Pharma doesn’t sell the world new vaccines. Follow the money. Now I am Asian American executives that are working with the Biden syndicate to destroy Americans. These families work as a team. Keep your eyes open people…. they are in your midst. I have seen them and they have seen me….and understood. I have seen the son-in-law of the executive’s daughter sigh and swallow as I stared at him. I showed his daughters a machete but it never left the sheath. A warning. We are coming for you. When I returned after a week there was an Asian spy sitting in the parking lot waiting for me. I parked right in front of him….on purpose. I saw him in the night. F*ck YOU Mfkr. Im coming for you to bitch….and I have your Asian executive’s license plate number and emailed it to my investigator JP. Please dear Jesus let me be wrong. I’m afraid its true.

  7. The Battle of San Jacinto. “Remember The Alamo”. Long live my beloved Texas. Y si, somos todos Americanos!

  8. That laughing of Kamala indicates she’s in way over her head. See the Flight Instructer’s Handbook psychology section. A lady who survived the crash out of 4 people in Alaska was right next to the pilot and said when he landed in a twin engine plane near Barrow Alaska the propellers hit cause he forgot to put landing gear down. So he coulda pulled off all power, cut the mixtures and landed but instead he tried to go around and the plane could not do it, climbed some and flipped over crashing. She said after the props hit he was hysterically laughing right up until the crash. You learn to observe your students and if they are doin that better lighten up and find out what’s scarin em.

  9. The Tuskegee Airmen were NOT infected with syphilis! It was the Tuskegee experiment.

  10. McAfee posted a video saying his double Jay Pizzle was attacked, not him.
    McAfee is in Cuba

  11. Don’t you think that when the true ballot numbers come out of Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania, that the Democrats will respond in such a way that will incapacitate communications to keep that information from coming out (like a false-flag attack on the country) in order to keep themselves out of prison and in their positions of power? If that were to happen, the whole nation could come to a standstill. Would it not be better to give them an ‘out’, a way to get out of punishment so they won’t retaliate or panic?

  12. Thank you for giving us real information and excellent assessment. It is rare to hear it these days and it is hard to navigate through the sea of info that just does not reflect what is really going on. Thank you also for “we will win”, which is true and gives optimism. All wars that were fought for freedom were always won.

    Just a suggestion, make a link open in a separate window because now it opens in the same one. I clicked on one link from a comment and it went away from your site.

    I really appreciate what you are doing. Thank you again.

  13. Mike Adam’s introduced you to me, and so thankful he did! I’m a 68, disabled, former R.N. who practiced at a level 3 NICU in Phx, AZ. I will definitely be a subscriber, and hopefully more. My kids and grandchildren think I’m CT, but they are going to have a rude awakening as time goes by. Thank goodness they don’t want the jab! Until next time, peace and joy, GOD BLESS YOU!

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