Today on The Prather Point:

  • Miley’s call = Deep State Distraction!
  • CA Recall Sabotaged!
  • Sept 18 DC Rally likely sniping False Flag!
  • How to Legally respond to Death Jab orders!
  • QR Code = THE Mark!


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24 Responses

  1. Jeff, I thought this show was great, is there a way to post it to Gab? There are a lot of people that could benefit from this cast. I don’t usually post videos to social media so if there is a way, I am unsure how to.

  2. I soo appreciate you Mr Prather. You are awesome. You keep us informed and tell us the truth. I pray God will keep you safe.

  3. I am going to meet team America Washington state for the first time , next weekend , they are getting organized , I just want to do what I can as a retired health care worker and believer in the lord , my sister who is disabled called me for help her college is requiring an exsempt form to go to school so I’m trying to help her find a way out , she’s aware of dangers of this shot so maddening and sad we are in a faro state , Thankyou

  4. Instead of this program being all about military exemption. We need to know about the false flags. General Miley’s treason.

  5. We are so blessed to have you, Major Prather, leading us in battle ! This is the beginning of our response, folks, make no mistake, we are responding as individuals as a nation and as free people everywhere. Don’t quit your job, make them fire you, if they have the cajones. You may get your job back, you may not but if you quit, you likely won’t. Have your paperwork ready, this is very intimidating to them. Push back, respectfully, using their little war game against them. This isn’t going as easy as they’d hoped and it’s starting to be too difficult a battle for them. The one with the most perseverance wins. God bless.

  6. Is this american army? Instead of arresting those criminals who commit democide, we talk about law tricks inside of collapsing and corrupt system. They kill you by dead shots, and you contract lawyers to defend? I expected some spine.

  7. If “Comirnity” hasn’t been produced yet at all how did they do their supposed trials? It’s absolutely SICKENING and so ILLEGAL what they are doing and how they are tricking people that aren’t smart and do research!!! They don’t even address the fact that’s several scientist in several different countries have PROVEN that the clot shots have GRAPHENE OXIDE in them and are turning people 🧲 magnetic and also everyone should know by now that’s how this all connects the 5G and mind control, just like the Rockefeller foundation did the studies on GO with magnets and frequencies!!! Everyone needs to up their game and do tons of research.
    ALL governments are in on this together and presidents that weren’t have been MURDERED, 5 in total now!!! EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN EVERY COUNTRY NEEDS TO STAND UP RIGHT THIS SECOND!!! WE HAVE ALREADY LET THINGS GET TOO FAR!!! Also the #1 most important thing is to have your relationship 100000000% right with GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I have emailed team American. No response as of yet. I realize I’m living in masshole
    But, if anyone needs team America it’s this state. Lol . I haven’t had a response from my request. ????
    Sincerely , WC Reilly

  9. Please Jeffery, can’t you post help letters and guide points for individuals who need help keeping their jobs and not taking the vaccines, for free? Nurses need help along the lines of what Todd was saying. Some of us don’t have credit cards to pay for the help Todd is giving.

  10. Jeff, I am so thankful for this BIG news and Report from you and Tod; and the new TA Legal. We must try to win in Administrative Court, but if all else fails then it has to be Civil Disobedience next…as you have also said. Military Court however is a very separate entity from Civilian Court’s as you know. But, most Civilian Courts have actually become more like Military Court’s now in terms of Due Process being shuffled away from the Constitution, into Administrative Court (Fed/State/County) and what’s now know as Administrative Due Process, where you are not protected in life, liberty or property. Ou are guilty unless you can prove they were wrong, not you (they have all the hired lawyers, money, time and deference). That is what has to be overcome and is the bigger picture of how the Constitution was usurped. We have to get rid of the alphabet agencies, they are the unelected rulers, and they are the problem, they have acquired unconstitutional police powers over the years (they were never to have, as we have an elected sheriff) and are now using them against the people. The Founders would have seen through this immediately and squashed it.
    Thanks for this Good News!
    Best, j

  11. We are combatting the mandates in our hospitals in WNY
    It’s amazing to finally watch NYS come together
    It’s because of people like Major Prather and pastor Shane Vaughn and General Flynn that are teaching us to do local work and stand up together!

  12. Jews did 9/11 . When are we going to start speaking about the true enemy of America. An enemy who has attacked us more than once. The 5 dancing Israelis, Urban Moving, Michael Chertoff, Larry Silverstein, Gelatin: The B Thing. Andin 1967 USS Liberty.
    Until we don’t RECOGNIZE this BIG issue we will be HOSTEGES

  13. Awesome Report Jeffrey
    Finally someplace people can join to take our great country back from the satanites in charge. Something has to be done to save our great country. We all feel so helpless that we don’t know who we can trust. I trust u completely. God Bless u for all u r doing to save our military

  14. Thank you!! We must keep fighting and never give in. My husband has friends who got the unwanted MRNA because they were just worn down and others said they got it because they did don’t want government telling them what to do. The irony.

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