Today on The Prather Point:

  • Obama’s SES = Joe’s Westec!

  • Leiber, QR & Digital Slavery!

  • AZ, TX Human Terrain Goes Physical!

  • GA, MN Inflection Points!

  • Blankets, Showers & Jabs!


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14 Responses

  1. Thank you sooooo much Mr. Prather, it’s a JOY to listen to you. No hype, just straight forward, honest communication!
    God Bless you and keep you safe. I appreciate you VERY much!

  2. The whole structure is corrupt… America. Medical, WHO , CIA, & all those we have time-honored & respected. Your only friend is your conscience. Never give in never give up! Another year of mass havoc is before us, be strong. This too will end….nothing is forever when it is cherished. Find your GOD OF FORGIVENESS, LOVE, AND STRENGTH. WHAT we are going through is nothing NEW. The history of mankind is full of straight. They’re selling fear and stealing your children of their innocence

  3. This treasonous madness must stop now waiting to hear workable plans , that are not a suicide mission , and stand a chance of success

  4. Are ALL of your products available on one site? Didn’t see a link to all of your products in this eMail.

  5. Jeffrey, you fight like the ten feet tall angels with flaming swords taught me back in the late 50’s when I was a little boy [abilities I used during the 30 years I worked the graveyard shift in gun free zone stores facing armed robbers, murderer’s, assassins, drug lords, Italian hitmen and even a few Islamic Muslim terrorists (just to mention a few)]. In 96′ a Superior Court Judge was bragging that I was more dangerous without a gun than the murderers were with one.

  6. …anybody wonder how these Haitians got to Texas? 2000 miles away, from an island, separated by an ocean…?

  7. Jeff,

    Can you or Brandon please make an excel list of all the gov officials that are associated with West Exec and Westec?
    That is good intel to have and spread around to the so many sheep still drinking the Deep State Koolaid.

  8. Thank you. Evil released but good people still fighting. Thank you & pray constantly. Bonnie

  9. I have a couple of groups that I belong to, one more local but more earthy, freedom type folks, and the other is across the country I say by and large more conservative, but diverse on its own right. Point is I been feeding input back and forth between groups, and one thread was about the thug police, I started debating a bit, and an interesting thought came to mind and the dots finally connected. The issue of Police departments having military grade equipment, but not the training for it. How brilliant and militant it would be staging all of this military equipment all across the United States cities, and why train police forces on this equipment if you were not going to need them? In other words equipment is staged all over the US, and you can simply bring in a highly trained force to use it. I just though I throw that out there as something didn’t jive with all the expensive equipment, and no training budget. I not sure if this was the right feed to put this on, but the thought just came in my head when I was defending PD. However the equipment- training doesn’t add up.

  10. This really would be treason in the highest places if that is the case, I do not see any other way to slice it.

  11. Can u tell me if Trump supports Gen. FLYNN’S worship of Satan. I take this from Tru News where they showed his prayer to Satan. This is very troubling and we need to know the real enemy we are fighting?

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