Today on The Prather Point:

  • Covert CONUS Combat Coming!

  • FDA Covid Camps coming!

  • Texas Troubles Tip US!

  • BLM-Antifa Forces Split!

  • Forced famine!


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16 Responses

  1. AmeriKA is DOOMED and the vast majority of us sit back with our limp-noodles in our hands, doing $hit.

  2. Deep state is a centrally controlled certainly, and we are finding in Australia with street protests both organised and off the cuff protests by construction workers it has blindsided the deep state especially as protests are at the “Shrine of rememberence”
    Which is the where a Shrine to our fallen serviceman and women contains the Throne of Australia, which indicates our sovereignity which was earned by our soldiers sacrifice for freedom.
    Any death’s accidental or otherwise to protestors would be reminiscent of Eureka stockade, as protestors are flying the Australian Red flag of federation and the Eureka southern cross flag, made famous by standing up to tyranny.
    “We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties!’ The diggers’ oath, 30 November 1854.

    The home of Australian democracy
    The battle at the Eureka Stockade near Ballarat in 1854 changed Australia forever. It has come to represent popular struggle and has been called the birthplace of Australian democracy.

    No votes, no rights
    From the early 1850s, hopefuls coming to the Victorian goldfields were required to pay high fees for mining licences and were ill-treated and harassed by the authorities who were meant to protect them. The government dismissed the complaints of this itinerant population, who had no vote and couldn’t buy land.

    The diggers’ flag
    By 1854, the diggers of Ballarat were fed up. When their appeal to the government for justice was refused, they declared that they would stop buying gold licences and beneath the diggers’ flag – the Southern Cross – swore to defend each other against the authorities. In a time of great hardship and brutal law their resistance was brave. The men of the stockade were risking all and the flag that came to represent their courage and vision now hangs in the Eureka Centre as a monument to their struggle.

    Battle for victory
    Before dawn on 3 December 1854, government troops stormed the diggers’ flimsy stockade at Eureka Lead, Ballarat. In a fiery battle that lasted only 20 minutes, more than 30 men were killed. Charged with high treason, the diggers’ leaders were all eventually acquitted. Within a year the diggers won the vote and the hated gold licence was abolished.
    From this Stand against tyranny the secret ballot was invented, known in democracy as the Australian ballot.

    1. I can tell you this much Steve. back in RVN, war zone D on the Cambodian border I worked with Aussie special forces and ARVN Kit Carson scouts often and they were kick ass MOFOs ! what the hell happened to you and us since ? We all must fight back and never give up on anything and good name mate ! My name us Steve Baze !

  3. Deep state dont like people getting together, it really bugs them to see a solidarity of the patriots protestinga and standing their ground.
    Many Australian protests around the country, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbahe. The information War has to break the Main Stream narratives. Thats Why Australians Hit the Streets.
    In Melbourne, The Shrine of Rememeberance ( Like US Arlington Cemetary/Vietnam Monument) which consencrates our fallen, and the founding of our Nationhood, is a focal point , thats why you see the Peoples flag The Red duster of 1901 Federation and the Eureka Stockade flag, Thes are the Flags of the People of the Commonwealth, and The Commonwealth is The People, Not the Government inflitrated with CCCP. Deep State hates us freedom loving extremists.

  4. NO YOU DID NOT get them all , UK Prince Harry ,& drumpf , his real name , HE is related to hitler , a pedo, a jesuit freemason death cult member who lethally warp sped out HIS murderous JABBZ and 60ghtx weaponry of the 5 G tower illegally installed while HE insisted we sit on our couch, not LOOK at what he was doing outside , & trust HIS horrible plan-dermic ( to exterminate the population ) with ALL those you listed . WAKE UP MR KNOW IT ALL

  5. Jeffrey, a correction on your reporting of Mack Miller, being slammed out of the Clark Co. Comm. meeting by “POLICE”. NOT TRUE, they were “Private Security Guards”, hired by Clark Co. THEY weren’t all white as you stated, 2 blacks, 1 ‘white/latino?’ “SECURITY” was on the back of their vests. Mr. Miller was on the news the next morning, w/the knot on his head, who made it abundantly clear it WAS NOT LE. He emphasized that they were hired goons….

    sauce: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/insane-video-nevada-republican-candidate-lt-governor-mack-miller-assaulted-police-dragged-clark-county-commissioners-meeting/
    Gateway Pundit jumped the gun also… (Retired MCPD, Md. – USA MP ’69-’71 AFPD, DC)

  6. I want to get in the fight! I’m just not sure how to plug in. I’m in Waynesville ohio and want to get involved fighting the Vax mandate and cleaning up our election. Can you please connect me with the right group or organization?

  7. I’m in Baton Rouge la and would like to get in the fight for our freedoms please help me link up with others in my area. I’m sick of this evil.

  8. As always thankful for your report!
    In our area more and more folks are waking up. It’s good to see.

  9. I think its a much higher percentage of active ingredients relied upon from China, at least 40%. India is running a close 2nd. That may be something Chinese would like to ruin, our access to meds from India. Just my observation from working in pharmacy for many years.

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