On today’s show…

  •  Born a bastard at Cincinnati orphanage!
  • Adopted by WW II veteran!
  • Now back to inaugurate historic first Team America meet up!
  • Talking team tasks and purpose!
  • Recorded live questions and answers!
  • This is how we win!


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13 Responses

  1. Thank you, we will win I’m at my end with this. There’s no way I’ll run leave my state or escape from my government NEVER will I run all of you need to do the same. I’m angry our constitution not being upheld, out republic gone protection gone rights gone. We cannot keep losing these things my God Jew christens native we out number them almost 8 to 2. Pray for our day to shine some how some way. I will get my truth my justice go get your where ever you find it. Team America we the People warriors of the word Take It as Jeffrey says🛐😏 starting new website done soon

  2. This is not our fight but a fight between Satan and Yahuwah. We need to prepare spiritually and make sure we understand how to be protected with the armor of Yahuwah see Ephesians 6. Be strong, the ride is going to be much rougher.

    1. You are greatly misguided. NO, this our fight because we have free will from the creator !

      When many supposed Christians sit by and simply say the supposed sky God is in control, they are losing by default for doing nothing at all ! They are running away from the evil and not fighting back as we all must. Let there be no doubt there is a God , but there is no white haired guy floating around in the sky in supposed heaven as many seem to think and hope exists. That does not exist at all. Let that simple truth sink in because it is completely accurate.

      If that sky God is in fact in control why are we seeing mass murder ongoing from the CV/VAX schemes and the 450 in the DC Gulag and many other horrific and insane events daily ? The issue is too many people believe in false religiosity, fake churches and a false representation of God, not the real life force of the cosmos and what God actually is. We have been hijacked and many have lived in the false teachings for millenia now and it is time to wake up to the many truths and take action !

      As well many supposed Christians today do not even know what Jesus/Yeshuwa actually taught or that many books/gospels were deliberately left out of the current Bible, like the Book/Gospels of Thomas, Enoch and Mary as well many others ! Mary was never a prostitute. So we have been accepting only partial truth the entire time and that was all 100% deliberate. The Nag Hammadhi and the Dead Sea scrolls explain it all and yes I have read them and on going and other ancient texts to know the truth of it all ! Set yourself FREE finally and let go of the many illusions created for you.

  3. Yes, it is not crazy!

    It is a depraved (sinful and truth rejecting) mind which God has delivered unto them according to Romans 1:18-32! This leads a people or nation to Isaiah 5:20.

  4. you said trump 2024 wont happen okay what do you think will happen?
    What he did with the shot is not in the past since it still affects us today. Even last week he keeps on repeating that warp speed it was good regardless of the side affects. Because of his decisions they will continue to bring new versions of it and the people that he wouldn’t get rid of are pulling the strings.If they come to your door what do you do.

    1. Operation Warp Speed isn’t about the jabs, it’s about the takedown of the deep state. This is what is meant about using discernment and critical thinking. Trump is supporting Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin not the so-called vaccines which are gene therapy. We need to analyze what Trump says and read between the lines.

  5. Great Encouragement — We need to get involved. More so at the local level, like school boards. Local government. We are not racist. It is bad behavior that I turn from. Thanks Mr. Prather. I passed the along to my mailing list.

  6. Know you a great man! We don’t know what we don’t know. The puppet masters were not human. They are mostly gone and the two party system the created were the Dragon Families (Banking) (Lee,Rothschilds, Biden, Harris, Soro’s, etc..), the other side is the Black Sun (Jesuits, Luminati, Black and Grey Pope) The 5 general s control the military’s, Trump, Bush, IMF and European Bank Head,etc…).

    The Georgia Guide Stones show the target of mostly them and a few workers. 500,000 million, they both are working at that. They control the weather, those pesky Chemical Trails in the sky daily. Processed food makes sick, and they create the pharmaceutical industries to make us sicker. Then the control the medical schools so don’t know their protocol not how to heal you! Managed care, get the picture!

    Check out United New Network! Good real intel there. Short focused no commercials! $5 for News. $15 for big cable package.

    Speck Project another good resource and if you have a lot of time Thomas William on YT Know Your Enemy!

    Love will win!

    Love you Jeffery Prather and Team,

    Namaste to you all

  7. Again Jeff hits it out of the park by simply calling a spade a spade and simple truths.

    Many people like Jeff and myself included see thru the many illusions that have been created for them or that people have created for themselves because we were dragged thru knot holes and brutalized by this corrupted system we call government and our judicial or supposed legal system.

    Are the police or any agencies working for you ? Is your gov working for you in any way ? Does any of it work for you ? And who pays for all of it to be used against you 24/7 ?

    Here is the secret of all secrets
    “”One who looks outside, dreams. One who looks inside, awakens.” ― C. G. Jung”

    The outside world has always been corrupted and all the answers are in fact already inside YOU ! Just as Jesus/Yeshuwa said , look inside and I will meet you in that secret place ! He said it many times and in many ways and as always only a few realize what he said and taught as much if it has been hidden from you, like the gospel of Thomas that us 114 sayings of Jesus ! How many know that fact ?

  8. I like what you’re doing but I still trust Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward. I follow my gut.

  9. There are two questions I am asking as a result of following your posts and videos:

    1. How do I know something is true? VETT!
    2. WHO decides? Not who decides what’s true, BUT WHO is behind it? who is deciding? who is in control?

    THESE TWO together focus my attention. Faucci is NOT in control for example…. almost nothing he says is true. actionable intelligence. who is the enemy?

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