Today on The Prather Point:

  • HR-1  ends elections!
  • US cold, China coal-ed!
  • NATO mobilizes 300K troops!
  • Irish troubles to US!


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12 Responses

  1. The Shift is happening. Russia, China….

    Two will be the sellers and the rest will need to buy.

  2. Putins most recent announcement and explanation of events.

    Make of ut what you will as it reaches very serious conclusions. We can only hope PCRs analysis is NOT totally correct about Putins naevity about the wests criminal actions. You may see how there are many similarities to what they did to Trump and now the same to Putin and Russia. Trump caved in, so far Putin has not !

  3. Nice interview of the coffee folks !

    Very few people understand your perspectives about what is called religion and God, as well who and what Jesus/Yeshuwa actually said and taught. They are simply totally indoctrinated with what they have been spoon fed their entire lives and for generations, going back millenia now.

    One thing will not change, these manaics will not stop until we stop them at some point. The only reason they are in power now is because they stole that power in the coup/STEAL allowed by SCOTUS so they could control every agency and all the courts more or less. They already had control of PRAVDA/MSM the propaganda arm of the deep state so they can push any false narrative or ignore any event they choose, as we see now involving Ukraine and Putin, the new boogy man. FOX is 100% focused on those memes and has totally sold out except for Tucker, and he waffles a lot to keep his gig. Many more people need to see the depth of it all and truly wake up to the most basic realities at hand.

    If we are not wiling to fight for our liberties and freedom do we really deserve them ? That is the bottom line when all is said and done.

    I have never advocated violence and never will, but we are now under attack daily in a myriad of ways and we have every right to defend ourselves and families when attacked, always !

    NO question religion is NOT God !

    1. Yes indeed , it will be interesting to see what hypocritical fools they all make of themselves, as they all gang up on the one man in the world a least willing to stand up and call out the truth on the globalist, WEF /GREAT RESET maniacs, and not afraid to use force against them

  4. The Shift has happened.

    Long ago in the those of the Mysteries through higher consciousness people have said Russia will be the hope of the World.

    1. Well more like starting to happen , having been there several times , I too agree they “could ” become the hope of the world “if” they can eliminate their internal corruption and free their own people to their great potential , and put the horrors of Communism behind them , and stop polluting and ravaging their environment as well . But then any nation who also does those things will be the hope of the world as well

  5. The concepts of what democracy or even liberal have beccome so warped in modern times. So a “Liberal Democracy” is actually nonliberal communism. If one cares to look at the actual definition of democracy or liberal they will seem fairly positive. However such terms have become debauched, so much so that democracy is often a dirty word, because of rich globalist elites using the term “democracy” in every nasty non democratic action or organization. This has been ongoing for a long time, simular to making a “patriot act” which in fact is a tyranny act and so on.

    But notice the common people must have and use direct political power to defend themselves. So the rise of non centralization movements, non centralized currency, non centralized news media and noncentralised government movements. Etc

    In fact most non centralization movements are an attempt for more independence and even for more direct political power for the common people.

    In fact this reformation must happen and go much farther in the future to straighten out the world. So much so it will be foolish to stand against non centralization or direct democracy movements. Out of the messy chaos of reformation worldwide, hopefully it will fall out in a good balance of power for the people.

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