The Prather Point Ukraine vs Russia / Reset vs Resistance!

MARCH 16, 2022


The Prather Point Ukraine vs Russia / Reset vs Resistance!

There is a lot of misunderstanding going on about Ukraine and Russia. And people are starting to hearken back to the conventional viewpoint of 3rd-generation kinetic war. 

So, here’s a quote: “We Must Stand with Ukraine, as They Stand for Us.” And the author of that statement is George Soros, the Jewish socialist who supported Nazis and the arrest and murder of fellow Jews. 

I’ve also reported repeatedly that a Chinese communist official and Chinese general have said that they defeated the United States in a 2020 war. And I say that that is a 5th-generation information influence operation war that changed the culture of the United States government. 

So much so, that we leave our children in Afghanistan while bringing in terrorists; we call men women; we hotel criminals and lock up patriots. It’s a pretty obvious culture war, from my perspective.

But a lot of people are very confused about that right now, including chaplain and former Delta/INSCOM commander, general Jerry Boykin; including pastors who are saying the Russians have always been our enemies. That is blatantly untrue. 

The Russians and the Chinese were our allies in World War II against the Japanese. And typically, though, when you defeat an enemy, they become your ally. However, when China needed to expand, because it could not feed its people, because of its tyrannical communist regime, President Xi decided to wage unrestricted war on the United States, using Big Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma; and China has repeatedly used bioweapons.

The first bioweapon out of China was fentanyl. I never even made a fentanyl arrest. I made opium, heroin, literally tons of marijuana, 100-kilo seizures of cocaine. That was through the transnational drug cartels. But fentanyl is clearly a bioweapon. But its vector, its delivery, is through criminal drug organizations. But it’s all from China.

The next bioweapon, of course, was covid, which was like the flu. That was released for, really, the jab, the non-vax, which has the graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide for the controlling mechanisms for the layered 5th-generational weapons of directed-energy weapons (DEW) and control systems.


Bioweapons from China are clearly the main weaponry of 5th-generation warfare. So, therefore, if the Chinese government beat the American government — not the American people, because in 5th-generational warfare, they’re trying to destroy borders — then we are at war against our own government, on our own soil, and against the Chinese government.

Therefore, then why would President Trump have just praised Vladimir Putin? And he just praised Putin at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference, 2022-02-26, Orlando, Florida) and said he was really “smart” and very savvy, and was a genius for declaring two regions of eastern Ukraine as independent states.

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Ally

And of course, the propaganda-press left-wing media was all over him for that. Well, why would he say that? Well, again, actions reveal motives. The enemy of my enemy is my ally. Not necessarily my friend; not necessarily a good guy. 

The Chinese and Russians have traditionally always been enemies. Always. They share a border. And so now with China beating America, and the biolabs pushing closer and closer to Russia through adjacent countries, he had to do something. That is very concerning to him.

Now, Putin via euro-CNN has outed the biolabs, and he’s labeled the aggressor, because the propaganda press, the left wing, going back to the lies about Crowdstrike with Hillary Clinton, about the report that they never signed to the FBI.  It was a draft report, they never signed it, and Robert Mueller bought it and put it in his fake phony dossier, that the Russians hacked the Democratic Party.

It’s always those rascally Russians, even though the OPM hack was China; even though I just told you that the latest, most advanced cyber-weapon is China; even though fentanyl came from China; even though covid came from China; even though the jabs, the non-vax, is developed through Big Pharma out of China, in relationship with China; and there have been no mRNA vaxes given to any Chinese people, ever. And the studies for their mRNA have been done outside of China.

Then, it’s clear that these are Chinese bioweapons being used against Russia. And so, Putin feels that he has to move, because the bioweapons are working very well on Xi’s plan to defeat the United States, part number one; and rule the world, part number two. And so, that is what he is doing there to make that happen.

And coincidentally, the trade deficit with the world is the highest it’s ever been in the United States right now. So, the same goal that the Chinese wanted to reinstate economic parity, through economic battle, through the psyop weapon of the covid like the flu, worked, and is working so well that they’re going to continue to use it. 

And also, when Putin talks about the denazification, he says two things: the demilitarization, but he’s talking about 5th-generational weaponry, biolabs. It’s on the US embassy’s Ukrainian site that there are biolabs. The US embassy admits that there are biolabs. But so, the demilitarization, I think, is 5th-generational bioweaponry. I just went over that: fentanyl, covid, jab, boosters. 

Azov = Antifa

Also, the other thing he said was the denazification of Ukraine. So, what’s that about? Well, there is the Azov Battalion or Regiment, which is a Nazi battalion. And it uses a Wolfsangel insignia.

Now, everybody does propaganda. The question is, in warfare, what was the purpose of that propaganda? But is there a Nazi element in the Ukrainian military? The answer is undeniably yes. So, does what Putin is doing make sense? And it does.

Yes, the Soviet Union was our enemy. We defeated them. Before that, in World War II, the Russians were our allies. And then after we defeated them, Ronald Reagan built up the military, built up the economy, and then after that, they have not been pushing outward at all, as they were back in the day. 

So, you’ve got to get your head in the fight, and see what is happening with Ukraine. I’ve talked in the past, a great deal, about how, under Barack Obama, they began to infiltrate the Ukrainian movement with the government, and establish their own regime.

This was called the Maidan Revolution, or the Revolution of Dignity (November 2013-February 2014). And this was really designed so that they could use Ukraine as a way to push against Russia. In 2009 this begins, when Obama comes in. Obama had long been a puppet of the Deep State. He was running around Pakistan for 3 or 4 weeks, probably through the CIA to be controlled.

And this is something that Joe Biden got into. So, remember Hunter Biden and Joe Biden in Burisma and Bohai, and remember there is the famous video of Joe Biden bragging about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired that was investigating his son. 

Biden Extorts Ukraine AG

So, just as the United States attorney generals and Department of Justice (DOJ) have been corrupted, and came after me as a Christian “cult leader”, they did the same thing in Ukraine. And it should make sense, because it’s the same thing. If it works, they continue to do it.

Understand who the enemy is. And the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily a good guy, but he is my ally. So, Obama initiated corruption with a lot of money laundering in Ukraine. And I’ve posted, recently, an older news conference where the Ukrainian government, through NABU 

And there are recordings, of course, of the 5th president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and then-US Vice President Joe Biden testifying to “external governance” of Ukraine. So, that’s the term, in the translation, that the Ukrainians used. That means they’re doing manipulating; they’re doing regime change and regime control of the Ukrainian government.

The exact same thing the Chinese government has done to the United States government. Which is why you hear “Russia, Russia, Russia”, and you never hear anything bad about the Chinese. 

The Chinese government infiltrates movies, everything. And again, the move happened  -Putin moved, he built up the troops, and sent a very clear kinetic-action message via the [armor envelopment] of Ukraine, and then moved on the same day that the Department of Justice stopped investigating Chinese espionage in the United States, the “Thousand Talents” program. And that’s when he moved. That was the line in the sand, I believe, for him.

And it makes sense. It fits all of the aspects. It doesn’t mean that Putin is a good guy; it doesn’t mean that war is good. War is bad, terrible, versus unthinkable. War is a bad choice versus a terrible choice versus an unthinkable choice. But in this instance, the enemy of my enemy can become our ally. And in this instance, it’s beginning to look like Putin is our ally.

So, you’ve got to differentiate between the governments. The United States government — run by Biden or the puppet, and certainly the puppeteers behind them, like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff  -is not the American people. 

You have to differentiate and understand that we’re waging a non-violent, 4th-generational insurgent war against a corrupt government that is using 5th-generational, bio-digital magnetic genetic weapons against us and against the world. And it is beginning to fail.

While we’re working to support civilians in there, there are reports of civilians being killed, but there are not the Nazi murders of tens of thousands of children. It appears to be actually quite the opposite. It appears to be quite targeted.

Follow The Money

They are laundering the money out. And so, everybody is getting paid off, which begs the question: What are they getting paid off for? And they’re getting paid off for the biolabs to do these Deep State projects. Why? Because the 5th-generational bioweapon: Fentanyl, then covid, then the jab, then the boosters have worked excellently as 5th-generation weaponry, along with DEW (directed-energy weapons) and 5G. 

So, it went through Mykola Zlochevsky, through the commercial bank in Ukraine, through Wirelogic Technology and Digitex Organization LLP, through Rosemont Seneca, through Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, through Burisma, and into Citibank.

So, that would make sense why China would encourage the invasion of Putin into Ukraine, because it validates the script that the Russians are the bad guys, even though it is really the Chinese who are our main enemies. Because the enemy of my enemy is my ally. So, I hope people are starting to understand this.

But one thing that has worried me is with this internal resistance that is going on. Still, always I want to say, I’m not advocating anything illegal, immoral, unethical, or violent, although the Left does constantly and blatantly. We didn’t have an outside source. 

Putin may be that outside source. 


© Copyright 2022 by Jeffrey Prather.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this written report. I will find ways to share it. Some ppl comprehend better by listening, others by reading.

  2. Good assessment and necessary now to pot out.

    The problem now is we have no legitimate government at any level here in USA. Courts, agenceis like DOJ, CIA and FBI alll corrupted to an extreme. Now what ? And are we obligated to abide by such entities educts, mandates and bogus supposed laws when were not allowed to vote on any of it ?

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