Kakistocracy: Conundrum & Crucible!

Today on The Prather Point:

    • Pedos vs Parents!
    • Warriors vs wimps!
    • Vax showers & pox blankets!
    • Teetering tyrants!


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13 Responses

  1. Excellent guests ! Pure logic, truth and analysis that is irrefutable. I also informed the DJT team what was coming on the steal and got zero back as well. I was told it was under control they were on top of it all ? This was in late 2019. At the same time I requested, from my local GOP rep representative and lead person to be a watcher on the upcoming voting. I was told not to waste my time because they will simply put you in a room not even close to the counting so you will see nothing at all. This was from the lead GOPer here in my county. She said I would have to take some classes and get approved and that takes several months and likely would not fly anyway. All from the GOP lead person here in my county. I was livid and totally confused. Nothing has changed and that woman is still in power in my county. Will they cheat again, oh yeh ! Many Americans are totally stupid and still believe in the 2 party thing and that is a dead dog now. I agree 100% with your guest on these points. We all live in many illusions created for us by others, to control us ! Everything else is junk thinking. We have been lied to profusely nonstop for years. Get angry, very angy it is justified with all these murders !

    I published this almost 10 years ago about the deep state and how it was all cretaed, Google, Facebook and Twitter. None of it is new at all and yes our gov helped create it all big time and all of it was created for a very specific reason ! To spy on you and control YOU !

  2. The greater the liberty, the greater the responsibility. Wisdom and ethical principles must always constrain liberty. When a community is bound to one another, they commit to the common welfare.

  3. The definition of crime is intentional harm or loss. When law becomes arbitrary and capricious, people lose respect for the law.
    Law is about power, justice is about ethical balance.
    The war on drugs is unethical, we need to regulate drugs and address the crimes that drug use causes.
    If we allow our leaders to create a disenfranchised, hopeless community through incompetence, we should not be surprised to find those suffering the indignity of poverty to self medicate. The drug dealer is a business and may or may not be causing any more harm than the leaders who created the problem to begin with. To address the problem, create value and incentive structures that eliminate the market.

    1. Check jeffreyprather.locals.com or patreon.com/jeffreyprather for my post today on drug cartels vs cabal cartel.

    2. Yes most of the herd are theirs but we have many supposed conseravtives and Christians that are neither, not even close. Just because some say they are this or that means nothing at all. Far better to see their actions for what they are and not just their words.

      Some say they will never use violence, but in some modes that is all that works and it gets down to kill or be killed. That so the dffference in thinking is to realize that simple fact.

      Also was Jesus/Yeshuwa very angry when he went to the Temple ? Oh yeh he was, so they killed him ! Not the Romans but the Pharisees and Sadducees, the jews. Yeshuwa was a threat to their power clearly. Exactly the same as today but we have no Yeshuwa walking among us, we are on our own devices to see the truth ot it all. It all really boils dpwn to our choices and free will decisions we all make every day.

    1. These great interviews show very well just how deep the corruption is, and this setup was . These type of agendas show why they put the Grand Jury out of reach of the common citizens . This points directly to freemasonic control over the legal system long ago in American history, and the flaws in the Constitution as they forced it . One main flaw is giving the SUPREME COURT absolute power to determine what is or is not Constitutional and therefore allow of deny laws and or amendments to alter this countries history. SCOTUS Judges as we see are political appointments,making them puppets of those who control the politics. Therefore we must always remember Rothschilds quote “Give me control of a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”

  4. Watch Ian!
    You cannot determine where a Hurricane is going to go so far out yet everyone already had targeted Florida.

    Will Ian become a Cat 5? Everyone is talking about Ian hitting Florida.
    Will they make Ian a Super Hurricane or leave it as just a Cat 4. Just watch it. There are Ionsphere Heaters in that area.

    1. All these storms are either man made or augmented by GEOENGINEERED weather warfare. Lets see where they steer this one , Today, just a day before it { IAN] may strike Tampa with extreme force DeSantis makes a grandstanding press announcement in TAMPA, of getting rid of one of the “woke’ state attorneys in the state promoting these escalating crime situations in many cities. A bit suspicious to me, he should be focusing 100 % on protecting and helping, the people in the state from this hurricane which I guarantee you will be ugly. It was already known this attorney was removed . DeSantis = controlled opposition , dont be fooled again people .

  5. GENTLEMEN, your missing an important point, accumulating facial recognition, other bio metric data, behavior patters, AND TRACKING allows the technological [radionics] ability to not ONLY predict human behavior for A. I. control, and the social credit system control , but the ability to kill at a distance . Indigenous people did not want their photos taken for superstitious reasons but their understanding of the unseen world and energy connections` allowed them to understand there was danger there . What some would call “big voodoo” is understood with today s technological killers . Go study Michael Acquino and his military experience and role and Satanic connections.

  6. A.I. is nothing. It can figure out Complex Math it cannot figure out the Human Soul.

    Man as in Manifestation of the Human Mind is beyond anything A.I. will do.

    God Intelligence goes beyond anything the greatest Super Computer will be able to do.

    And you aren’t even using 25 percent of your mind.

    Michael Acquino is exposed at jar2 under leaks.

  7. So that is how the great reset will be implemented:


    Via reinsurance and compliance to what ever platform or digital ID system is implemented, if you are not in compliance the reinsurance will not payout to the insurance companies, it basically the insurance of the insurance, and after the 2030 event there will be no cash flow, but I am sure people can make a claim to buy into the system. It plain as day to me.

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