Today on The Prather Point:

    • XI & Putin vs Clown Colors!
    • Soros vs Putin &Xi!
    • CCPS’s Economic Crisis!
    • DS/FBI pedo trafficking revealed!


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16 Responses

  1. Great analysis but I doubt 5% understand fully what you are saying. Beyond all tyaht it si well spat clear Trump is an idiot and his chioices in people are veyr foolish. He seems to trust fools every time and makes a lot of serious mistakes. Trump is not a trust worthy guy, he is a fool. Disantis is a much better choice, he gets stuff done. Trump talks a lot of BS and yes he got screwed no doubt by these maniacs. But it is time to move on and stop all the BS ongoing ! He is still tied to the virus as if it is all really very real, it is not and never has been. In fact there is no CV and never has been. I published it all with Mikovits and Dr Shiva in March 2020 and it was all 100% correct and still is. All on my site.

    Q is at best 50% correct and at worse 10% and more or less worthless. I see it all as just a scam as every squirrel gets a few nuts occassionally.

    FBI and CIA needs to go away as it exists as well many more agencies ! Do not comply in any way with anything they say.

  2. The right is interested in truth.
    The left is interested in power.
    The left fails to understand the problems because power and control are an illusion, What we have are degrees of freedom.
    The right fails to understand the desire for power requires the abandonment of truth in favor of sophisticated manipulation.
    This is the main premise of my political philosophy. The system is broken, all of our institutions have been captured. Law is whatever gets enforced. Power is the problem, power doesn’t negotiate. The system creates the actors, the actors protect the system. How do natural systems achieve balance? They have no choice, it is either balance or oblivion.

    1. And its no different really for us , we are part of the natural systems, forgetting that and abandoning that is at the heart of our current demise

      1. What you are leaving out is in our supposed system there is evil and goodness, both exist. We have let the evil run rampant and it must be stopped and corrected to achieve any balance in systems on this planet or we all will be victims of it !

        This is 100% about free will and our choices along the way in life.

      1. Why is that always have to be the case? The idea of rebuilding Germany, and Japan came out of the realizations that suppressing the defeated with reparations leads to a tyranny result, but the powers at hand also kept fingers in the cookie jar, fucking over the real Germans, and Japanese. The idea an elite or rather powers that were can make a better world is a fool’s gold. The goose that lays the golden egg is only through patience, and taking care of the goose. Those that strive for power cannot seem to grasp this basic premise.

    2. Very true on every point.

      The problem is the right is only interested in truth when it is convenient for them ! Very few supposed conservatives or supposed Christians are actually either one.

      Few people have a thorough understanding of who and what God is and what Jesus/Yeshuwa actually taught and said . All so simple and straight forowd it has gotten lost in the many distortions and lies for a veyr long time now !

  3. Something to consider the treason was done long ago TO ALL AMERICANS
    Understood, BUT the fact is we are ALL renters in America, for 40 plus years I have challenged ANYONE to prove to me ANYONE in America truly OWNS any private property with a TRUE , not Colorable title . . No one has been able to do so , unless your a shareholder of the private federal reserve system, a holder of the federal debt, or STAKEHOLDER IN THE WEF . You dont really own it , all land, resources and even human resources have been turned into collateral for these non payable debts. If you truly owned it they could not take it for not paying property taxes, the county holds the title in trust with the holder of the debts [from a comment I made on another site }

  4. INTERESTING TWIST? Utilizing any attorney , or anyone connected with I. Kolomoisky Is a bad as it gets he is among the most corrupt Khazarian mafia individuals in the world , he is the main sponsor of puppet Zel. ,and AZOV which Webb just glossed over , He is absolutely reviled over there , this only makes DJT s zionist control and affiliation look even worse . They are still PUSHING BOOSTERS even though they are told covid is over , what kind of mind controlled sheep would do this now ?

  5. There has definitely been Nano materials of many types, SMART DUST , fungus , bacteria , graphene synthetic biologicals of many types, read Elana Freeland s newest book GEOENGINEERED TRANSHUMANISM you will have many answers Dont forget HUMAN RESONANCE , electromagnetic, and Shedding as methods of transmission.

    1. All relevant points. Why I have magnetic solutions in my shop, teach electromagnetic bio-luminescence in Initiation, quantum entanglement and where two or more are gathered in my dojo and chaplaincy. -JP

  6. So why is Zoonosis so critical for the idea of NWO? This is the theme of Covid and Monkeypox (with too many T in its Genetics- Dr. Paul Cottreal) . Something about zoonosis is critical in the agenda. Is it a threat to kill off animals?????

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