Public school propaganda indoctrination, Covid cultists conjure science magic, government as god, Dema-Nazi’s Antifa militia/BLM Propaganda, Navy nuke nonsense!

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  1. I am so glad I found your channel you are a breath of fresh air in this insane world

  2. Great idea with the movie can.t wait for the others. The lottery scene, quote rings true. Thank God for the popular boys and lone cowboys and dreams. You be the greatest Fairy God Father ever. I heard on a video things were played out behind the scenes of current events. Need to know basis. I always knew something was not as it seemed. But I look at it like this, curiosity did not kill the cat but saved a sinner. And when a republic at stake taking one for the team will be done gracefully. Thank you been long time since watched a movie don’t t believe in TV.

  3. Another excellent broadcast. Did you see where the NM state trooper was murdered by a cartel thug and the stater was setup by DHS ?

    Yep the ruck sack thing separates the men from the boys. I am digesting all the Tulsa speakers, as much of it was cyber attacked and only now coming out to be viewed and analyzed. My perception of it is about getting a reading on the national psyche on fighting back and so far I will only say the false religious stuff is big issue we are afcing as well as the left maniacs ! God is not coming to save us as this is all mans own created events and insanity ! Keep up the good works.

  4. Something interesting as I am reading thru your book is that I was born in the year that the Native Americans (1978) were gaining freedom. I wonder if that has to do with constant from hell spiritual warfare I seem to battle on a weekly basis in New Mexico. Just when I think ‘Oh, RELIEF from others attacks and RELIEF from Satans attacks’… its something in someone who hates me and bullies me, which makes me want to permanently leave this plant. I RECOGNIZE this as a huge spiritual warfare that Satan is trying to use others to destroy me. A constant hell battle.
    Since I have Jewish, Irish, and I think some Cherokee blood in me, I wonder if that has something to do with it, its a constant battle for my life here. And its f***ing exhausting.

  5. Some thoughts. The vaccine takers will be sick a dying at some point. The numbers unknown . But given the conservative constitutionalists will have fewer take the shot will tell in 5 to 10 years. The dark side will be desperate to force the shot on conservatives so look for drastic ops for that. As for the vaccine sick a huge difference if sick a week and die verses many months to years. Imagine millions of chronic sick in hospitals? That makes a huge varable impact. A lot harder to hide the vax deaths if most every one long time sick. Must shut down social media etc shut down facebook etc. things to consider.

  6. From Dr Tenpenny, max autoimmune is in at 48 weeks from Mrna Vaccine. From Dr Cahill expect many to most dead in 5 to 10 years after Mrna vaccine. This I quote from memory-so rough numbers.

    Lets make up some possible numbers. Lets say 150 million in USA take Mrna vaccine. So that about 20% number get sick in after a year. If that number is chronic sick for months or years, so that means around 30 million people chronic sick at any given time up to 5 to 10 years ongoing for these years. The lowest death rate I heard of from Mrna in test animals is 20%. Note, I am a layman, not a expert, just info I picked up.

    Understand what this may mean? Also the orginal plan was bulk of conservative constitutionalists to take the Mrna vaccine. However, since the media was so bad many went to alternative media that told them not to take Mrna. This was not to dark elite plans. They may do desperate things to try to force the shot on constitutionalists.

    If the elites see that mostly constitutionalists will be alive in 5 to 10 years etc. They may trigger emp or nuke war etc.

    The dark elites no doubt know the real numbers from secret Mrna vaccine experiments on people in china, need those numbers. Hope these thoughts are helpful.

  7. DR Cahill , Most dead 5-10 years. I myself suppose many very sick during a long time before death.

    Dr Tenpenny, max autoimmune in 48 weeks after injection. Likely real noticeable effect fall/winter next year. Flu shot likely to kill many.

    Numbers unknown, but supposing 20% of population affected ongoing for 5 to 10 years. Then at least 30 million people severely sick for every year, if 150 million vaccinated Mrna. This alone can collapse society.

    How to prepare? Like any prepping, guns, gold, silver and at least one year of food. Economic survival , try to be tied into economy with needed services and goods, a independent business is often best chance.

    I imagine the elites will go berserk trying to get the conservatives, consitutionalists to take the shot. Right now seeing in Inda waves of sick from mutations, At the same time of a huge push for more vaccines in India. This seems to make Geert Vanden Bossche at least partially right. But we all know how news can be faked.

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