Restoring Spiritual Resiliency

My speech, ‘Restoring Spiritual Resiliency’, significance thereof, & actions on the ground at Clay Clark’s Health & Freedom Conference, import for Team America & Republic Restoration mission.

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  1. Hi Support,
    Congratulations on the new look of the website! Just wanted to point out that the audio option seems to be stuck on the very first podcast I listened to – Nazi Ninjas. I wanted to listen to today’s podcast, but it brings up Nazi Ninjas.
    Best regards,

  2. Wonderful session, Mr. Prather.

    You are the only true realist I have heard since the (final) takeover of our federal government in November 2020. With the passing of Mr. Limbaugh, I know I speak for many others when I proclaim you may be the last vestige of intellectual honesty remaining for the “conservative” portion of the electorate.

    God bless and keep up your good work!

  3. Jeffrey, you are always saying God is not with us, but we are with God… God is with us always, what do you mean by making such a statement?

    1. John; Why do you believe what you believe? If you are relying on the authority of the Holy Scriptures perhaps you can cite a verse or passage to justify what you are asserting?

    2. If I may comment, don’t always take what Jeff says at face value context- its always deeper than that. I believe what Jeff is saying is that God does not treat us like little children to always gives us what we want because we are in trouble or because we throw a temper tantrum. He gave us free will. Free will is the will to do whatever you want, but if you get yourself into trouble you must learn from your mistake and get yourself out of it by exercising that free will. We are with God in that we must follow his Commandments and the teachings of Yeshua to get ourselves out of this mess WE have created. We compromised with Satan without the clear understanding that Satan is a deceiver ALWAYS and cannot and should not EVER be trusted to honor ANY compromise. We lost sight of those teachings. God or Satan didn’t do this…WE DID. In this way WE are with God in obeying his Commandments. Is he always there- Yes- Jeff didnt say he isn’t. But as any good parent does…we don’t always bail our kids out of messes they create. How else will they learn? Thats my take on it, believe as you will.

    3. I’ve prayed on my response yesterday to your question. While my answer yesterday gave a lot of detail and insight coming from “my” views I feel today about what is going on I think that it may have diluted an otherwise very simple answer:
      God is not with us, but we are with God= God doesn’t follow US, but WE follow God. At least this was the answer I got from my prayer this morning. I couldn’t resist posting this. Hope it helps you to understand more clearly as it did for me.
      There may also be some allusion to Deuteronomy Chapter 31 verse 17 which appears to be a warning to Moses about his people turning away from God. Im still praying on that one looking for discernment.

      1. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” -I Corinthians 3:16

  4. It if funny how you said that the Russian Orthodox Church was founded by KGB. KGB and their communists actually massacred Orthodox priests and religion was banned in the post-war USSR. Almost 40 million people from the Soviet Union gave their lives to get rid of the Nazis and the war was fought on their territory as well. I am from Serbia, the country that you bombed in 1999 without the consent of the Security Council. You bombed so many civilian targets, among which was a maternity ward of a hospital and when the firefighters came, you dropped bombs on them as well. All for nothing as it turned out in the end. Now there is a cancer epidemics there because of your uranium bombs.
    I still love listening to you, I find you inspiring, it is just when you say things that ring untrue to my ears, I have to stop watching. I have a feeling that now it is time for America to liberate themselves and start the domino effect, to wash her sins. You started many wars, more than any other nation and always abroad. You know very well that people who are occupied will fight.

    1. This guy has no clue. America sent soldiers for BANKSTER WARS not for freedom. America is nothing compared to RUSSIA and SERBIA. Ziveli Serbia.

  5. Thanks for always keeping our heads in the game! Love the truth, hard as it is to hear under this ominous administration 😞

  6. Jeffrey,
    Hello. I’m very appreciative of all of your knowledge. I’m a new listener and have learned much from you already in such a short period of time.
    I have a question and would like your opinion.
    Deagle report on population reduction by 2025. What are your thoughts? +/-227 million down within the next 4 years?
    Thank you.

  7. The Russian Orthodox Church is 1200 years old. It wasn’t started by the KGB. LOL.

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