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16 Responses

  1. World freedom rally is a very good thing and vey necessary. But we need more than just talking heads.
    Today Mike Adams was saying again any form of violence is a crime and he does not agree with any of it at all. In most cases I agree but at some point we will have to stand up finally and stop the loss of our liberties. As well we still have the right to self defense and was the CV scam an attack on all of us ? yes it was but MIke does not seem to see to it that way ? So when you just keep talking weakness you dumb down even more people and they get even weaker than they already are now. We have lost our nation and we have no legitimate government at all on any level. Will the deep state stop or keep pushing ? Keep saying “stand down” and see what happens ? I am not saying start shoootng or anyhting else, I am saying get prepared to do what ever is necessary and most people definitley are not ready mentally or physically. Mike and many others talk in circles and out of both sides of their mouth, but that is nothing new at all.

    Does the FBI make up what ever they need ? Oh yeh. but then again every agency does exactly the same thing !

    You are definitely not a new ager as well !

    I watched Gonzalo Liras new interveiw today of his two guest Pepe Escobar and Andrei Martyonav on what is really going on in Ukraine and with Russia. Not at all what we are told for sure, another great interview and info. Do not comply with anything they say , ever and donit got to Krine ot help them a of yet ! This is gonna get very complicted and deadly very fast.

    1. Well according to locals here (Latvia). There is no winner in Ukraine, both sides are suffering. Although the supply of Ukraine will run out way before Russia. China is playing both sides (Biden-China), and is siding with BRIC based gold currency, the great reset is looking like a East model with China in a seat on both lines. Although I am hearing China is having internal problems as well, so I am not sure what else is happening, my biggest point I have with Ukraine is Monsanto owns most of Ukrainian farms, so that with Bill Gates and CCP buying up farms, is a main concern. I am just warning folks that independent Ukraine yes, but independent means, independent that means Germany big pharma companies too. If people are dying for independence they need to die for independence! I just want people to think, and not simply follow a narrative.

  2. Zel , car with drug addicted or drunk driver struck THE OTHER CAR not the other way around not assassination attempt. Or that is what the intell. there on the site is saying if you understand Russian language .

  3. It takes 1,800 GALLONS of diesel fuel to run the gigantic mining machine for the time it takes to excavate the mineral to make ONE BATTERY FOR ONE TESLA ELECTRIC CAR, if you think that is green or sustainable you can probably get a job in the fake Biden admin.

  4. Warren Buffet invested in trains heavily. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are buddies. Warren Buffet had his annual gold tournament on 911, most high level executives during Sept. 11 happened to be playing golf that day whom otherwise would of been in the twin towers. Why does this matter. I am sure Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have figured the rail roads without human intervention, the idea of the 4th industrial economy is no humans needed.

  5. Ending this Plan.

    How to take them down and be able to save your life.

    You have to go on National TV and say that you challenge them in a court of Law for discovery.

    They must show they have the Virus and that the Vaccine works against said virus. Do this on National TV it will gain people and more journalists will get on board.

    Bad thing is they control the courts and they can make things never come to pass.

    On national TV though you play to peoples Subconsciousness.

    The question never answered will never go away.

    1. Long banned from Fox and propaganda press. Nope. Courts cuckolded. Don’t fight their fight on their field. Get your head in the fight.

  6. The US and Ukraine are unable to explain why they are using Bio Weapons and Drones with Bio Weapons.
    There is also a program that was out to collect blood of people for Bio Weapons.(targeting Russians)

    Pentagon has admitted to having 46? Bio Weapon Labs in Ukraine?

    Google can’t explain why it paid the money for the research on Covid in a US lab in China.

    Nothing good come of using Bio Weapons, or even messing with Bio anything.

    Messing with DNA or RNA is a bad idea. The code of GOD is absolute.

    The Universe is absolute, the Micro and the Macro are connected.

    You need not understand all there is to understand. There is a 100 trillion Viruses in your body.

    There are Billions of Stars.

    So Heaven as on Earth.

  7. AI
    A computer cannot create art!

    Art is an expression of the soul. The power of the Divine. Through God you create. As God creates.

    Your Divine Royalty to be able to express emotion in creation, to be able to love, forgive, and live!

    AI is cold lifeless. A computer cannot express it’s self. Even through learning it will not reach GOD.

    Knowing the letters, the math, the sounds does not make you spiritual.

    The God science of Sacred Geometry and Alchemy goes beyond math.

  8. You can almost feel the unseen world when surrounded by nature. The planes are almost visible to the naked eye. You can feel it in the air but you can’t explain it. It’s there you feel it all around you. The air is thick and alive with something else. Something…Spiritual.

    it’s same feeling when you are in a house and you feel the spirits that are there.

    Surrounded by a city you cannot connect the same way as you can in nature. Animals in nature can feel this they exist in it. They can feel your intent, your conscious intent, almost reading you soul. There is a connection to it all. It is felt, it is there.

    Women reach this place with out even knowing it. They already have a connection a greater connection then men do. Women the Divine, The Moon, The Earth that creates life with water. Men the Sun the Solar, the Great Pillar. Sacred Fire needed for all things.

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